Re: [PATCH v8 01/10] scsi: ufs: host: Rename structure ufs_dev_params to ufs_host_params

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On Sat, 2023-12-02 at 04:36 -0800, Can Guo wrote:
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>  Structure ufs_dev_params is actually used in UFS host vendor drivers
> to
> declare host specific power mode parameters, like ufs_<vendor>_params
> or
> host_cap, which makes the code not very straightforward to read.
> Rename the
> structure ufs_dev_params to ufs_host_params and unify the
> declarations in
> all vendor drivers to host_params.
> In addition, rename the two functions ufshcd_init_pwr_dev_param() and
> ufshcd_get_pwr_dev_param() which work based on the ufs_host_params to
> ufshcd_init_host_params() and ufshcd_negotiate_pwr_params()
> respectively to
> avoid confusions.
> This change does not change any functionalities or logic.

Reviewed-by: Peter Wang <>

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