Re: SSD SATA 3.3 and Broadcom / LSI SAS1068E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS

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Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

> Haha, yeah, I know!  I noticed in your response to Sathya that you're
> running a 4.19.288 kernel, which is really, really old.  If it's
> practical, the first thing I would try is booting a current kernel,
> e.g., v6.4, on the chance that something has been fixed since v4.19.
> I didn't try to compare the mptsas driver to see if it has changed
> since then, so I don't know whether it's likely.

writing politely in reply to your politeness :). I upgraded to 5.15.131. I
need a stable system and do not want to jump that far to 6.x.

But it seems this issue is related to a defect in the firmware of the
controller. I will try to reflash a newer version during the week. I hope
it helps.

Current version is (see [1]). In the readme[2], I read

Phase21 Pre-Alpha Release Version - SAS1_FW_Ph_21
(SCGCQ00177063) Change Summary ( Defects=5)
SCGCQ00173656 (DFCT) - 6G SATA drive negotiates to 1.5G speed

I will also check the BIOS settings, when in front of the machine it could
be that link speed is enforcable


[1]         Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS 1068E(B3):

Controller Number:              2
Controller:                     1068E(B3)
PCI Address:                    00:08:00:00
SAS Address:                    500605b-0-02d0-f3b0
NVDATA Version (Default):       0x2d00
NVDATA Version (Persistent):    0x2d00
Product ID:                     0x2704
Firmware Version:     
NVDATA Vendor:                  Intel
NVDATA Product ID:              SASUC8I
BIOS Version:         
BIOS Alternate Version:         N/A
EFI BSD Version:                N/A
FCODE Version:                  N/A

 SCG Engineering Release Notice
Product: Firmware
Release Date: 22-AUG-11
Release Type: GCA

FCD6 3719 0FFB F1BF 38EA 4727 5348 5F1F DCFE BCB0

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