[Bug 217914] New: scsi_eh_1 process high cpu after upgrading to 6.5

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            Bug ID: 217914
           Summary: scsi_eh_1 process high cpu after upgrading to 6.5
           Product: IO/Storage
           Version: 2.5
          Hardware: All
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: high
          Priority: P3
         Component: SCSI
          Assignee: linux-scsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          Reporter: laktak@xxxxxxxx
        Regression: Yes
           Bisected 624885209f31eb9985bf51abe204ecbffe2fdeea


Several users report that after upgrading from 6.4.12 to 6.5 the process
scsi_eh_1 will constantly consume >10% CPU resources. This happens most often
in VMs.

Steps to Reproduce:

- Create a VM (e.g. VMware Fusion)
- Create an SCSI disk
- Connect a virtual CD ROM (IDE)
- Boot a 6.4.12 kernel
- Boot a 6.5 kernel

Actual Results:

- no issues for the 6.4.12 kernel
- scsi_eh consumes too much CPU with the 6.5 kernel

Expected Results:

scsi_eh should not consume significant resources.

Build Date & Hardware:

Linux arch 6.5.2-arch1-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Wed, 06 Sep 2023 21:01:01 +0000
x86_64 GNU/Linux
inside a VMware Fusion VM

Additional Builds and Platforms:

Other users were able to reproduce the error on bare metal hardware.

Additional Information:

More details can be found in this thread:

The users loqs and leonshaw helped to narrow it down to this commit:


good: 6.4.0-rc1-1-00007-g152e52fb6ff1
bad: 6.4.0-rc1-1-00008-g624885209f31

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