Re: [PATCH] ata,scsi: do not issue START STOP UNIT on resume

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On 9/13/23 19:21, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
>> Thanks for the report. The delay for the first data access from user space right
>> after resume is 100% expected, with or without this patch. The reason is that
>> waking up the drive (spinning it up) is done asynchronously from the PM resume
>> context, so when you get "PM suspend exit" message signaling that the system is
>> resumed, the drive may not yet be spinning. Any access will wait for that to
>> happen before proceeding. Depending on the drive that can take up to 10s or so.
> That does not match with what I am seeing: before this patch, there
> was no delay on first data access from user space, as the drive is fully
> spun up when system resume returns.

Yes, that is a possibility, but not by design. Some users have complained about
the long resume times which causes laptop screens to be "black" until disks spin
up. That did not happen before 5.16, when the change to scsi using the PM async
ops to do suspend/resume created all the issues with suspend/resume on ata side.
I am going to run 5.15 again to check.

The patch "do not issue START STOP UNIT on resume" was a botch attempt to remove
this delay. But it is a bad one because the ATA specs define that a drive can
get out of standby (spun down) power state only with a media access command (a
VERIFY command is used to spin up the disk). And furthermore, the specs also
says that even a reset shall not change the device power state. So issuing a
VERIFY command to spin up the drive is required per specs. Note that I do see
many of my drives (I have hundreds in the lab) spinning up on reset, which is
against the specs. But not all of them. So with the patch "do not issue START
STOP UNIT on resume", one risks not seeing the drive resuming correctly (timeout
errors on IDENTIFY command issued on resume will get the drive removed).

> With this patch, system resume returns earlier, and the drive is only
> spun up when user space starts accessing data.

Yes, but "when user space starts accessing data" -> "user space accesses are
processed only after the drive completes spinning up" would be more accurate.
That is by design and expected. This is the behavior one would see if the drive
is set to use standby timers (to go to standby on its own after some idle time)
or if runtime suspend is used. I do not see any issue with this behavior. Is
this causing any issue on your end ? Do you have concerns about this approach ?

Having the resume process wait for the drive to fully spin-up is easy to do. But
as I mentioned, many users are really not happy about how slow resuming become
with that. If I do that, you will get back the previous behavior you mention,
but I will be again getting emails about "resume is broken".

I made a decision: no waiting for spinup. That causes a delay for the user on
first access, but that makes resume overall far faster. I do not want to go back
on that, unless you can confirm that there is a real regression/error/data
corruption happening.

> Note that I do not have any file system mounted, and use
> "hd /dev/sda | head -70" to access the disk.

That is fine. dd would do as well. Any media access, from user or from an FS
will be delayed until the disk spins up. The default timeout for commands is
30s, which is plenty of time for the drive to complete spinup. So unless one
starts pounding the drive with some crazy workload right after user space
resumes, there should be no timeout errors or any issues with that.

>> I am not entirely sure where the net win you see come from. But the patch you
>> mention is in fact completely wrong and does not fix the underlying issues with
>> ata suspend/resume and potential deadlocks in PM due to ata ports relationship
>> with scsi devices. So I have been working on fixing this for the last 2 weeks,
>> after another user also reported issues with the patch you mention [1].
>> Could you try libata for-next branch on your system ? There are 7 fix patches in
>> there that I plan to send out for 6.6-rc2 to fix the patch in question and other
>> issues potentially causing deadlocks on resume. The patches were posted also [2].
> Unfortunately that didn't work, as /dev/sda no longer exists.
> Will reply to the patch I bisected the issue to...

Now that is a problem...

Damien Le Moal
Western Digital Research

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