Re: [PATCH] mm: Remove mm argument from mm_get_unmapped_area()

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On Mon, May 06, 2024 at 09:07:47AM -0700, Rick Edgecombe wrote:
>  	if (flags & MAP_FIXED) {
>  		/* Ok, don't mess with it. */
> -		return mm_get_unmapped_area(current->mm, NULL, orig_addr, len, pgoff, flags);
> +		return current_get_unmapped_area(NULL, orig_addr, len, pgoff, flags);

The old name seems preferable because it's not as crazy long.  In fact
just get_unmapped_area would be even better, but that's already taken
by something else.

Can we maybe take a step back and sort out the mess of the various
_get_unmapped_area helpers?

e.g. mm_get_unmapped_area_vmflags just wraps
arch_get_unmapped_area_topdown_vmflags and
arch_get_unmapped_area_vmflags, and we might as well merge all three
by moving the MMF_TOPDOWN into two actual implementations?

And then just update all the implementations to always pass the
vm_flags instead of having separate implementations with our without
the flags.

And then make __get_unmapped_area static in mmap.c nad move the
get_unmapped_area wrappers there.  And eventually write some
documentation for the functions based on the learnings who actually
uses what..

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