Re: [PATCH net-next v7 00/11] net/smc: SMC intra-OS shortcut with loopback-ism

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On Sun, Apr 28, 2024 at 02:07:27PM +0800, Wen Gu wrote:
> This patch set acts as the second part of the new version of [1] (The first
> part can be referred from [2]), the updated things of this version are listed
> at the end.
> - Background
> SMC-D is now used in IBM z with ISM function to optimize network interconnect
> for intra-CPC communications. Inspired by this, we try to make SMC-D available
> on the non-s390 architecture through a software-implemented Emulated-ISM device,
> that is the loopback-ism device here, to accelerate inter-process or
> inter-containers communication within the same OS instance.

Just FYI:

Cilium has implemented this kind of shortcut with sockmap and sockops.
In fact, for intra-OS case, it is _very_ simple. The core code is less
than 50 lines. Please take a look here:

Like I mentioned in my LSF/MM/BPF proposal, we plan to implement
similiar eBPF things for inter-OS (aka VM) case.

More importantly, even LD_PRELOAD is not needed for this eBPF approach.


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