Re: [RFC kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 00/14] add shellcheck support

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On 06/04/2024 14.38, Nicholas Piggin wrote:
Tree here

Again on top of the "v8 migration, powerpc improvements" series. I
don't plan to rebase the other way around since it's a lot of work.
So this is still in RFC until the other big series gets merged.

Thanks to Andrew for a lot of review. A submitted the likely s390x
bugs separately ahead of this series, and also disabled one of the
tests and dropped its fix patch as-per review comments. Hence 3 fewer
patches. Other than that, since last post:

* Tidied commit messages and added some of Andrew's comments.
* Removed the "SC2034 unused variable" blanket disable, and just
   suppressed the config.mak and a couple of other warnings.
* Blanket disabled "SC2235 Use { ..; } instead of (..)" and dropped
   the fix for it.
* Change warning suppression comments as per Andrew's review, also
   mention in the new unittests doc about the "check =" option not
   allowing whitespace etc in the name since we don't cope with that.


Nicholas Piggin (14):
   Add initial shellcheck checking
   shellcheck: Fix SC2223
   shellcheck: Fix SC2295
   shellcheck: Fix SC2094
   shellcheck: Fix SC2006
   shellcheck: Fix SC2155
   shellcheck: Fix SC2143
   shellcheck: Fix SC2013
   shellcheck: Fix SC2145
   shellcheck: Fix SC2124
   shellcheck: Fix SC2294
   shellcheck: Fix SC2178
   shellcheck: Fix SC2048
   shellcheck: Suppress various messages

I went ahead and pushed a bunch of your patches to the k-u-t master branch now. However, there were also some patches which did not apply cleanly to master anymore, so please rebase the remaining patches and then send them again.


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