Re: [PATCH 0/3] kernel/Kconfig.kexec: drop select of KEXEC for CRASH_DUMP

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On 11/23/23 01:36, Baoquan He wrote:
Ignat reported a potential config regression was introduced by
commit 89cde455915f ("kexec: consolidate kexec and crash options
into kernel/Kconfig.kexec"). Please click below link for more details:

The patch 1 fix the regression by removing incorrect CONFIG_KEXEC
ifdeffery scope adding in arm's <asm/kexec.h>, then dropping the
select of KEXEC for CRASH_DUMP. This is tested and passed a cross
comiping of arm.

Patch 2 is to fix a build failure when I tested patch 1 on x86_64, the
wrong CONFIG_KEXEC iddeffery is replaced with CONFIG_KEXEC_CORE. Test
passed on x86_64.

Patch 3 is to fix an unnecessary 'select KEXEC' in s390 ARCH. Removing
the select won't impact anything. Test passed on a ibm-z system.

I apologize for my delay in responding, I did not have a computer with me during my holiday travel.

I was able to re-run my Kconfig test script with this patch series (now that I'm running this on private resources, it takes half a day 8( ). The script only performs comparisons of the .config before (LHSB) and after (RHSB) the patch series; it does NOT do any building. At any rate, what that revealed was only differences in s390. That means that all other arches do not have any unintended side effects. The differences with patch3 applied look like:

FAIL: allnoconfig arch/s390/configs/kasan.config

The 'allnoconfig' and 'olddefconfig' targets failed for all s390 defconfigs. The LHSB is the pre-patch values, and the RHSB is the post-patch values. So this states that CRASH_CORE and KEXEC_CORE were set previously, but now they are not. KEXEC obviously is being turned off intentionally.

Hope this helps some.



Baoquan He (3):
   kernel/Kconfig.kexec: drop select of KEXEC for CRASH_DUMP
   drivers/base/cpu: crash data showing should depends on KEXEC_CORE
   s390/Kconfig: drop select of KEXEC

  arch/arm/include/asm/kexec.h | 4 ----
  arch/s390/Kconfig            | 1 -
  drivers/base/cpu.c           | 6 +++---
  kernel/Kconfig.kexec         | 1 -
  4 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

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