Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v1 00/10] RFC: Add clang-format and kerneldoc check

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On 06/11/2023 13.50, Nico Boehr wrote:
It is important that we have a consistent formatting of our source code and
comments in kvm-unit-tests.

Yet, it's not always easy since tiny formatting mistakes are hard to spot
for reviewers. Respinning patches because of these issues can also be
frustrating for contributors.

This series is a RFC suggestion on how the situation could be improved
for kvm-unit-tests.

It adds a clang-format file, mostly based on the one already present in the
kernel. A new "make format" target makes it easy to properly format the
source. If maintainers want, they could even re-format the source code of
ther arch to ensure a consistent code formatting, but this is entirely
optional. I am also happy to move the "make format" into arch-specific code
if requested.

Additionally, I noticed that there is quite inconsistent use of kernel-doc
comments in the code. Add a respective check command and fix the existing

I think the kerneldoc patches are good to go, so I went ahead and pushed them to the repo now.

For the s390x beautification patches (patch 07 and 08), it would be good to get some other reviews first ... Claudio? Janosch?


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