Re: [PATCH 0/8] implement "memmap on memory" feature on s390

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On Fri, Nov 17, 2023 at 04:37:29PM +0100, David Hildenbrand wrote:
> It might make sense to
> 1) Send the first 3 out separately

Ok sure, I will first send 3 patches as bug fixes with your feedback

> 2) Look into a simple variant that leaves __add_pages() calls alone and
>    only adds the new MEM_PREPARE_ONLINE/MEM_FINISH_OFFLINE notifiers --
>    well, and deals with an inaccessible altmap, like the
>    page_init_poison() when the altmap might be inaccessible.

Thanks for the valuable feedback.

I just tried out quickly with disabling page_init_poison() and removing
the hack in arch_add_memory() and arch_remove_memory(). Also used new
MEM_PREPARE_ONLINE/MEM_FINISH_OFFLINE notifiers. The current testing
result looks promising and seems to work and no issues found so far.

I will also double check if there are any other memmap accesses in
add_pages() phase.

we will try to go for this approach currently, i.e. with the notifiers you
suggested, and __add_pages() change.

Do you have any suggestions with how we could check for inaccessible altmap?

> 3) Look into a proper interface to add/remove memory instead of relying
>    on online/offline.

agree for long term.
> 2) is certainly an improvement and might be desired in some cases. 3) is
> more powerful (e.g., where you don't want an altmap because of
> fragmentation) and future proof.
> I suspect there will be installations where an altmap is undesired: it
> fragments your address space with unmovable (memmap) allocations. Currently,
> runtime allocations of gigantic pages are affected. Long-term other large
> allocations (if we ever see very large THP) will be affected.
> For that reason, we want to either support variable-sized memory blocks
> long-term, or simulate that by "grouping" memory blocks that share a same
> altmap located on the first memory blocks in that group: but onlining one
> block forces onlining of the whole group.
> On s390x that adds all memory ahead of time, it's hard to make a decision
> what the right granularity will be, and seeing sudden online/offline changed
> behavior might be quite "surprising" for users. The user can give better
> hints when adding/removing memory explicitly.

Thanks for providing insights and details.

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