Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v7 5/8] s390x: lib: sie: don't reenter SIE on pgm int

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Quoting Janosch Frank (2023-11-03 14:53:17)
> On 11/3/23 10:29, Nico Boehr wrote:
> > At the moment, when a PGM int occurs while in SIE, we will just reenter
> > SIE after the interrupt handler was called.
> > 
> > This is because sie() has a loop which checks icptcode and re-enters SIE
> > if it is zero.
> > 
> > However, this behaviour is quite undesirable for SIE tests, since it
> > doesn't give the host the chance to assert on the PGM int. Instead, we
> > will just re-enter SIE, on nullifing conditions even causing the
> > exception again.
> > 
> > In sie(), check whether a pgm int code is set in lowcore. If it has,
> > exit the loop so the test can react to the interrupt. Add a new function
> > read_pgm_int_code() to obtain the interrupt code.
> > 
> > Note that this introduces a slight oddity with sie and pgm int in
> > certain cases: If a PGM int occurs between a expect_pgm_int() and sie(),
> > we will now never enter SIE until the pgm_int_code is cleared by e.g.
> > clear_pgm_int().
> Is there any use in NOT having an assert(!read_pgm_int_code()) before 
> entering the loop?

I added it, nothing breaks, so probably none. Thanks.

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