Re: [PATCH net 5/5] net/smc: put sk reference if close work was canceled

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On 19.10.23 09:33, D. Wythe wrote:

On 10/19/23 4:26 AM, Wenjia Zhang wrote:

On 17.10.23 04:06, D. Wythe wrote:

On 10/13/23 3:04 AM, Wenjia Zhang wrote:

On 11.10.23 09:33, D. Wythe wrote:
From: "D. Wythe" <alibuda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Note that we always hold a reference to sock when attempting
to submit close_work.
Therefore, if we have successfully
canceled close_work from pending, we MUST release that reference
to avoid potential leaks.

Isn't the corresponding reference already released inside the smc_close_passive_work()?

Hi Wenjia,

If we successfully cancel the close work from the pending state,
it means that smc_close_passive_work() has never been executed.

You can find more details here.

* cancel_work_sync - cancel a work and wait for it to finish
* @work:the work to cancel
* Cancel @work and wait for its execution to finish. This function
* can be used even if the work re-queues itself or migrates to
* another workqueue. On return from this function, @work is
* guaranteed to be not pending or executing on any CPU.
* cancel_work_sync(&delayed_work->work) must not be used for
* delayed_work's. Use cancel_delayed_work_sync() instead.
* The caller must ensure that the workqueue on which @work was last
* queued can't be destroyed before this function returns.
* Return:
* %true if @work was pending, %false otherwise.
boolcancel_work_sync(structwork_struct *work)
return__cancel_work_timer(work, false);

Best wishes,
D. Wythe
As I understand, queue_work() would wake up the work if the work is not already on the queue. And the sock_hold() is just prio to the queue_work(). That means, cancel_work_sync() would cancel the work either before its execution or after. If your fix refers to the former case, at this moment, I don't think the reference can be hold, thus it is unnecessary to put it.

I am quite confuse about why you think when we cancel the work before its execution,
the reference can not be hold ?

Perhaps the following diagram can describe the problem in better way :


                                                               if (cancel_work_sync())        // successfully cancel before execution sock_put()                        //  need to put it since we already hold a ref before   queue_work()

ha, I already thought you might ask such question:P

I think here two Problems need to be clarified:

1) Do you think the bh_lock_sock/bh_unlock_sock in the smc_cdc_msg_recv does not protect the smc_cdc_msg_recv_action() from cancel_work_sync()? Maybe that would go back to the discussion in the other patch on the behaviors of the locks.

2) If the queue_work returns true, as I said in the last main, the work should be (being) executed. How could the cancel_work_sync() cancel the work before execution successgully?

Fixes: 42bfba9eaa33 ("net/smc: immediate termination for SMCD link groups")
Signed-off-by: D. Wythe <alibuda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  net/smc/smc_close.c | 3 ++-
  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/net/smc/smc_close.c b/net/smc/smc_close.c
index 449ef45..10219f5 100644
--- a/net/smc/smc_close.c
+++ b/net/smc/smc_close.c
@@ -116,7 +116,8 @@ static void smc_close_cancel_work(struct smc_sock *smc)
      struct sock *sk = &smc->sk;
-    cancel_work_sync(&smc->conn.close_work);
+    if (cancel_work_sync(&smc->conn.close_work))
+        sock_put(sk);

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