Re: [RFC PATCH net-next] net/smc: Introduce SMC-related proc files

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On 2023/9/14 18:29, Alexandra Winter wrote:

On 13.09.23 11:53, Wen Gu wrote:

On 2023/9/11 19:54, Wenjia Zhang wrote:

Hi Wen,

I can understand your problem and frustration. However, there are two reasons I'm not really convinced by the proc file method:
1) AFAI, the proc method could consume many CPU time especially in case with a log of sockets to read the pseudo files.
2) We have already implemented the complex netlink method on the same purpose. I see the double expense to main the code.

Then the question is if the lack of dependency issue can be handle somehow, or the proc method is the only way to achieve this purpose?

Any opinion is welcome!


Hi, Wenjia. I agree with your concerns.

My initial intention is to make these proc files serve as a supplement to netlink to conveniently
check smc connections in an environment where smc-tools cannot be easily obtained.

Yes, proc files won't be the first choice for diagnosis, but can be a convenient backup.

Wen Gu

As /proc is an interface to userface,  we would have to maintain the 2 redundant methods basically forever.
I personally don't think we should implement another interface without a very strong reason.

I understand, thank you Alexandra and Wenjia.

Wen Gu

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