Re: [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v6 3/8] s390x: sie: switch to home space mode before entering SIE

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On 04/09/2023 13.07, Nico Boehr wrote:
Quoting Thomas Huth (2023-09-04 11:59:30)
If we want tests to be able in other modes in the future...

+      */
+     old_cr13 = stctg(13);
+     lctlg(13, stctg(1));
+     /* switch to home space so guest tables can be different from host */
+     psw_mask_set_bits(PSW_MASK_HOME);
+     /* also handle all interruptions in home space while in SIE */
+     irq_set_dat_mode(true, AS_HOME);
       while (vm->sblk->icptcode == 0) {
               sie64a(vm->sblk, &vm->save_area);
@@ -66,6 +86,12 @@ void sie(struct vm *vm)
       vm->save_area.guest.grs[14] = vm->sblk->gg14;
       vm->save_area.guest.grs[15] = vm->sblk->gg15;
+ irq_set_dat_mode(true, AS_PRIM);
+     psw_mask_clear_bits(PSW_MASK_HOME);

... we should maybe restore the previous mode here instead of switching
always to primary mode?

I don't want to add untested "should work" code, so I'd much prefer if we'd
have a proper test which uses multiple address spaces - and that seems out
of scope for this series to me.

Anyway, could be done later, but you might want to update your comment.

Yep, agree, I'd prefer to do this later.

Pardon if I'm not getting it but the comment IMO makes sufficiently clear
that multiple AS are for future extensions. If you have any suggestion on
how this could be clearer, I'd be happy to incorporate.

I guess it's ok for now. I was thinking of something like:

+	 * - switching every time makes it easier to extend this in the future,
+	 *   for example to allow tests to run in whatever space they want
+	 *   (this still needs some modification to return to the previous mode below)

... but it's maybe too verbose already. So just keep your
patch the way it currently is.


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