Re: [PATCH net-next 0/6] net/smc: several features's implementation for smc v2.1

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On 16/08/2023 10:33, Guangguan Wang wrote:
This patch set implement several new features in SMC v2.1(https://, including vendor unique
experimental options, max connections per lgr negotiation, max links
per lgr negotiation.

I have removed the RFC tag and changed the patch series to formal
patch series from this version.

Thank you Guangguan for your effort!

I'm done with the first iteration of review.
Please see the comments.

- Jan

RFC v2 - v1:
  - more description in commit message
  - modify SMC_CONN_PER_LGR_xxx and SMC_LINKS_ADD_LNK_xxx
    macro defination and usage
  - rename variable release_ver to release_nr
  - remove redundant release version check in client
  - explicitly set the rc value in smc_llc_cli/srv_add_link

RFC v1 - RFC v2:
  - Remove ini pointer NULL check and fix code style in
  - Optimize the max_conns check in smc_clc_xxx_v2x_features_validate.

Guangguan Wang (6):
   net/smc: support smc release version negotiation in clc handshake
   net/smc: add vendor unique experimental options area in clc handshake
   net/smc: support smc v2.x features validate
   net/smc: support max connections per lgr negotiation
   net/smc: support max links per lgr negotiation in clc handshake
   net/smc: Extend SMCR v2 linkgroup netlink attribute

  include/uapi/linux/smc.h |   2 +
  net/smc/af_smc.c         |  83 ++++++++++++++++------
  net/smc/smc.h            |   5 +-
  net/smc/smc_clc.c        | 150 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
  net/smc/smc_clc.h        |  53 ++++++++++++--
  net/smc/smc_core.c       |  13 +++-
  net/smc/smc_core.h       |  25 +++++++
  net/smc/smc_llc.c        |  25 +++++--
  8 files changed, 301 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)

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