Re: [PATCH v5 09/11] remoteproc: qcom: Add Hexagon based multipd rproc driver

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On 8/2/2023 7:36 PM, Manikanta Mylavarapu wrote:
It adds support to bring up remoteproc's on multipd model.
Pd means protection domain. It's similar to process in Linux.
Here QDSP6 processor runs each wifi radio functionality on a
separate process. One process can't access other process
resources, so this is termed as PD i.e protection domain.

Here we have two pd's called root and user pd. We can correlate
Root pd as root and user pd as user in linux. Root pd has more
privileges than user pd. Root will provide services to user pd.

 From remoteproc driver perspective, root pd corresponds to QDSP6
processor bring up and user pd corresponds to Wifi radio (WCSS)
bring up.

Here WCSS(user) PD is dependent on Q6(root) PD, so first
q6 pd should be up before wcss pd. After wcss pd goes down,
q6 pd should be turned off.

Thanks Krzysztof, Kalle, Rob, Bjorn for all your reviews.
I have addressed them in this series.
Can you please suggest and help me to take this forward ?

Thanks & Regards,

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