Re: [PATCH v17 00/14] Add support for MT8195 SCP 2nd core

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On Mon, Sep 18, 2023 at 6:32 PM Laura Nao <laura.nao@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Other than patch 2 and 14, I have applied this set.  The remaining patches will
> > have to be resent to Matthias.
> > Thanks,
> > Mathieu
> Hello,
> With patch 2 missing, the SCP is not probed correctly anymore on asurada (MT8192) and kukui (MT8183). The mtk-scp driver relies on the existence of the `cros-ec-rpmsg` node in the dt to determine if the SCP is single or multicore. Without patch 2 the driver wrongly assumes the SCP on MT8192 and MT8183 are multicore, leading to the following errors during initialization:
> 10696 04:33:59.126671  <3>[   15.465714] platform 10500000.scp:cros-ec: invalid resource (null)
> 10697 04:33:59.142855  <3>[   15.478560] platform 10500000.scp:cros-ec: Failed to parse and map sram memory
> 10698 04:33:59.149650  <3>[   15.486121] mtk-scp 10500000.scp: Failed to initialize core 0 rproc
> The issue was caught by KernelCI, complete logs can be found here:
> - asurada:
> - kukui:
> Reporting the issue so that patch 2 and 14 can be resent and merged soon.

This being a backward incompatible DT binding change, maybe we should revert
the node name change. Or, the driver could simply count the number of child
nodes that have the "mediatek,rpmsg-name" property, which is required.


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