Re: [PATCH v4 3/3] remoteproc: zynqmp: get TCM from device-tree

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On 5/9/23 23:48, Tanmay Shah wrote:

On 9/4/23 2:50 AM, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:

On 29/8/23 20:19, Tanmay Shah wrote:
Use new dt bindings to get TCM address and size
information. Also make sure that driver stays
compatible with previous device-tree bindings.
So, if TCM information isn't available in device-tree
for zynqmp platform, hard-coded address of TCM will
be used.

New platforms that are compatible with this
driver must add TCM support in device-tree as per new

Signed-off-by: Tanmay Shah <tanmay.shah@xxxxxxx>
   drivers/remoteproc/xlnx_r5_remoteproc.c | 279 +++++++++++++++++++-----
   1 file changed, 221 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-)

@@ -75,11 +79,17 @@ struct mbox_info {
    * Hardcoded TCM bank values. This will be removed once TCM bindings are
    * accepted for system-dt specifications and upstreamed in linux kernel

Just curious, for how long this fall back code has to be maintained?
(When/how will we know we can remove it?)

I believe we should never remove it. It's important that driver works with old bindings as well.

Do you mind posting a followup patch updating the comment,
to clarify?



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