Re: [V3,00/11] Add multipd remoteproc support

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On 7/19/2023 12:31 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
On 18/07/2023 14:04, Manikanta Mylavarapu wrote:
APSS brings Q6 out of reset and then Q6 brings
WCSS block (wifi radio's) out of reset.

			      -->  |WiFi 2G radio|
			      |	   --------------
--------	-------	      |
| APSS | --->   |QDSP6|  -----|
---------	-------       |
			      |   --------------
			      --> |WiFi 5G radio|

Problem here is if any radio crashes, subsequently other
radio also should crash because Q6 crashed. Let's say
2G radio crashed, Q6 should pass this info to APSS. Only
Q6 processor interrupts registered with APSS. Obviously
Q6 should crash and raise fatal interrupt to APSS. Due
to this 5G radio also crashed. But no issue in 5G radio,
because of 2G radio crash 5G radio also impacted.

Your patches and cover letter is unnecessarily more difficult to parse
and filter:
1. Please use standard email subjects, so with the PATCH keyword in the
title. `git format-patch` helps here to create proper versioned patches.
Another useful tool is b4. Skipping the PATCH keyword makes filtering of
emails more difficult thus making the review process less convenient.

I am wondering how i missed 'PATCH' keyword. Sorry for inconvenience.
I won't repeat next time.

2. Please wrap message according to Linux coding style / submission
process (neither too early nor over the limit):
This is wrapped way too early.

I will rework on cover page description and update it according
to standards.

Thanks & Regards,

Best regards,

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