Re: [PATCH v4 00/21] Add Qualcomm Minidump kernel driver related support

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On 30/06/2023 18:04, Mukesh Ojha wrote:
>>> We don't add layers when they are not needed, and never when there is no
>>> actual user.  If you need the extra "complexity" later, then add it
>>> later when it is needed as who knows when that will ever be.
>>> Please redo this series based on that, thanks.
>> My bigger issue with this whole series is what would this all look
>> like if every SoC vendor upstreamed their own custom dumping
>> mechanism. That would be a mess. (I have similar opinions on the
>> $soc-vendor hypervisors.)


LPC CFP is still open. There will be also Android and Kernel Debugging
LPC microconference tracks. Coming with a unified solution could be a
great topic for LPC. Solutions targeting only one user are quite often
frowned upon.

Best regards,

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