Re: [PATCH 0/2] Qualcomm SDM845 SLPI DSP driver support

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On 25/03/2023 14:21, Dylan Van Assche wrote:
> The Qualcomm SDM845 SoC has a separate SLPI (Sensor Low Power Island)
> DSP for sensors connected to the SoC which is responsible for exposing
> sensors to userspace, power saving, and other features. 
> While sensors are connected to GPIOs of the SoC, they cannot be used
> because the hypervisor blocks direct access to the sensors, thus the 
> DSP must be used to access any sensor on this SoC. The SLPI DSP uses a
> GLink edge (dsps) to communicate with the host and has a FastRPC interface
> to load files from the host filesystem such as sensor configuration files.
> The FastRPC interface does not use regular FastRPC Compute Banks
> but instead uses an allocated CMA region through which communication happens.
> This set of patches adds support to drivers for the SLPI DSP:
> 1. Configure the permissions of assigned DSP memory through the hypervisor.
> 2. Allocate a remote heap when the FastRPC session ID is 0 instead of using 
> a Compute Bank directly.
> 3. Add the SLPI remoteproc resource to the q6v5_pas driver to enable support
> for it in the driver.
> over QRTR.
> DTS changes to enable the SLPI DSP in the SDM845 DTS and hardware
> e.g. Oneplus 6 and SHIFTPHONES SHIFT6mq will be send once the driver changes
> are applied.

No, as we explained on IRC, we expect DTS to be sent the same time.

Best regards,

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