PPP cycling between UP and DOWN

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PPP v2.3.11
RP-PPPOE v3.12
Linux 2.6.35

I am seeing some issues with respect to how PPP is handling a PPPoE connection.

My PPPoE connection gets established and pppd reports UP via the ip-up script. Then at some point (sometimes within a second, sometimes hours) pppd reports down via the ip-down script, but does not exit then re-establishes the UP state and reports it via ip-up.

I have a script that monitors by this by having a modified ip-up and ip-down script write a value to a specific file under /var/run/pppd/ and if it is ip-down, then I schedule a restart of pppd to occur once the pppd image exits. I have assumed that ip-down being triggered is and indication that PPPoE connection is down and over.

But I am now seeing that this assumption could be incorrect. I don't claim to understand the entire protocol layers involved. But is it supported that a PPPoE connection can shift back from the IPCP layer to the LCP layer? Then back?

Or is this a ppp protocol issue. I see in the pppd code that we can moved to a down state if we get a request to restart negotiations, so I can see that my assumption may be incorrect.

Any help is appreciated.



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