Re: PPPoE Modem hangup after random time - how to debug?

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James Carlson <carlsonj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > If it isn't, then possibly it's something else.  I think that the last
    > time I looked at the PPPoE implementation on Linux it was a bit hokey --
    > it ran PPP over a pty pair and then decoded the framing in user space
    > and wrote it back out over Ethernet using PPPoE.  I hope it's not still
    > like that, as I haven't looked at it in years, but it may well be.  An
    > internal error in that logic could also cause a "hangup" message,
    > although hopefully along with some kind of system log about a core file
    > as well.

No, that's not how PPPoE has worked for at least 15 years.
There is a PPPoE socket and the IP packets do not leave the kernel.
I have built BMS systems that handle thousands of sessions on 8-core

We had to move to 64-bit kernels because we needed such a lot of control
structures that we'd run out 32-bit kernel memory long before we ran out of
CPU.  (this was for oversubscribed rather slow last miles, not VDSL2)

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