Re: PPPoE Modem hangup after random time - how to debug?

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Hi, I found that some PPPoE BMS do not emit IPCP echo responses if there is
also traffic.  Since I have a static IPv4/v6, and there is DNS requests and
script kiddies, there is *ALWAYS* half a megabit/s of traffic, which is
probably atypical for many residential users who get random IPs.
I.e. they have some sort of "lcp-echo-adaptive" going on, but not in a good

I had to force lcp-echo-interval to 0, which was a bit difficult to get right
in the OpenWRT UI.  I had tried to increase echo-failure to 30, but that
didn't help consistently.

The other problem is that Bell Canada only answers PADI's once every five
minutes.  It's total BS.

Modem Hangup would normally be because the DCD signal went down, but on
PPPoE, that can't happen, I think.  I did see that when LCP failed, but I
also had debugging that told me it had failed.  maybe that's just off for

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