Re: INFO: trying to register non-static key in bond_3ad_update_ad_actor_settings

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syzbot has bisected this bug to:

commit ab92d68fc22f9afab480153bd82a20f6e2533769
Author: Taehee Yoo <ap420073@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Oct 21 18:47:51 2019 +0000

    net: core: add generic lockdep keys

bisection log:
start commit:   60c1769a Add linux-next specific files for 20191028
git tree:       linux-next
final crash:
console output:
kernel config:
dashboard link:
syz repro:
C reproducer:

Reported-by: syzbot+8da67f407bcba2c72e6e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fixes: ab92d68fc22f ("net: core: add generic lockdep keys")

For information about bisection process see:

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