Re: [PATCH] time.h: include header before using time_t

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On vr, 04 okt 2019 13:52:11 -0400, James Carlson wrote:
> On 10/04/19 13:40, Kurt Van Dijck wrote:
> > I think you confirm 4x what I said, but I probably expressed myself
> > badly, so "show me code!", I created this patch.
> > It (1) works for me and (2) does not mix userspace headers in kernel
> > space anywhere.
> > Would this work for you?
> That seems ok, in as much as it compiles on Solaris.  But I'm still a
> little confused about your apparent opposition to <sys/time.h> at the
> point where time_t is actually used.
> <sys/time.h> is part of the UNIX standards.  It's documented to define
> time_t (among other things).  It's on-point for a header file that may
> be used in kernel context.  What's the concern?

headers under sys/ are, AFAIK, not delivered by the kernel, but by the
toolchain. sys/time.h may have less issues than time.h, it has the same

But maybe I'm incompetent on the matter, my knowledge besides linux on
this matter is very limited.


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