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Am 13.07.2019 13:10, schrieb Lev:
> On Sat, 13 Jul 2019 12:25:11 +0200
> walter harms <wharms@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> this is a bit off-topic.
>> I am looking for a tools to monitor the connection quality
>> when i send data via a LTE-Modem.
>> Background:
>> I collect data on remote place and send them to a server.
>> At some places i have strange problems, so i would like to
>> monitor the connection quality and perhaps other informations
>> the modem can offer.
>> Is there a programm or a hook i can use inside pppd ? i am pretty
>> sure i am not the first one with such kind of problems.
>> short:
>> I want a simple way to send 1 or 2 AT cmds store the results and
>> continue with ppp.
>> re,
>>  wh
> Hi Walter,
> See the record option of PPPd. Which LTE modem are you using?

modem: Coniugo

the record option seems to be over the top. So far i understand
i can record all trafic. I would prefer a side channel like /dev/ptsX
where i can connect directly to the modem and get data, or something
like a signal that send a given AT line to the modem and returns into
a file. Only ideas no code for now :)

while searching i found this:

ever heard about it ?


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