Re: RFC: support setting DNS for systemd-resolved via DBus

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Tj <linux@xxxxxx> wrote:
    > I've recently been building an embedded device to do (kernel-mode)
    > PPPoE which uses only systemd-networkd + systemd-resolved (PC Engines
    > APU2 with Ubuntu 18.04 - amd64).


    > After some experimentation I've put together a small C helper program
    > that reads DNS[12]= from the helper environment and uses DBus calls to
    > set the per-link nameservers.

It seems like if small is your goal that you ought to have the ppp client do
this directly.

    > It build-depends on libdbus but not systemd.


    > I'm looking for feedback on whether this would be acceptable as an
    > addition to the ppp project, and if so where in the source tree would
    > be appropriate.

I would add it to ppp, and I'd put it into src/dbusdns.c or some such named

If standalone, then give it a new directory.

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