Re: Namespaces and pppd

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Goran <sendmailtogoran@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > I've tried something like this

    > ip netns add physical
    > ip link set enp5s0f0 netns physical
    > ip netns exec physical pppd call my-isp

    > pppd starts, I can see it in the process-list, but no ppp0 device is created.

    > Is there a solution?

I assume that you read the log and you can see it connect successfully?
I was just thinking if one could test this by creating a ppp device manually
with ip link add, but I thnk we can only create one with an ioctl().

And you looked within that netns for the ppp interface??
(I'd expect it to show up inside)

I also want to do what you just described.

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