Re: SOLVED: kernel-mode PPPoE does not seem able to work with MPPE.

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On 26/10/17 11:39, David Fernandez wrote:
Right, seems that the latest kernel has not bother with this at all (at least in

The two patches proposed in the links above are basically all that is needed AFAICS, only that the first one seems wrong in using only ccount to avoid the first re-rekeying, as ccount will wrap around to 0 every now and then, so this is the patch that works for me (applied to LEDE kernel 4.4.45, I guess it will apply fine to later kernels, only the line numbers might be different).

--- a/drivers/net/ppp/ppp_mppe.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ppp/ppp_mppe.c
@@ -521,11 +521,12 @@ mppe_decompress(void *arg, unsigned char
                state->sanity_errors += 100;
                goto sanity_error;
-       if (state->stateful && ((ccount & 0xff) == 0xff) && !flushed) {
+       if (state->stateful && ((ccount & 0xff) == 0xff) && !flushed) {/*
                printk(KERN_DEBUG "mppe_decompress[%d]: FLUSHED bit not set on "
                       "flag packet!\n", state->unit);
                state->sanity_errors += 100;
-               goto sanity_error;
+               goto sanity_error;*/
+                flushed = 1;

@@ -586,8 +587,9 @@ mppe_decompress(void *arg, unsigned char
-               if (flushed)
+               if (flushed && (state->bits & 1) != 0)
                        mppe_rekey(state, 0);
+               state->bits |= 1;


Fixed to make it work for both linux and windows.
Basically use the state->bits & 1 as a start flag, given that they are not used at all in the decompressor, is a way of quickly doing it with minimal changes... Feel free to add a proper boolean to the state structure and make it more obvious, but with thos two things I get it working just fine for a long while now.


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