Re: kernel-mode PPPoE does not seem able to work with MPPE.

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On 24/10/17 15:17, Christoph Schulz wrote:

David Fernandez <> schrieb am Di 24 Okt 2017 10:52:46 CEST:

Hi there,

I've tried to run MPPE in a PPPoE connection to my LEDE linux server. The log is below.
Although it should not be needed, if I use the option require-mppe, pppd complains of unrecognized option.

As the sources only define (and understand) the "require-mppe" option iff the preprocessor symbol MPPE has been defined during compilation, I suspect that your (i.e. LEDE's) pppd has been compiled without MPPE support. You should check this first.

Hi Christoph,

The MPPE is defined, as I see code conditionally compiled with #ifdef MPPE putting things in the log, like:
Feb  2 12:05:22 LEDE pppd[1580]: MPPE 128-bit stateful compression enabled

AFAICS the downloaded 2.4.7 sources in pppd/ccp.c define and understand the option mppe or +mppe with special arguments no40,no56,no128,stateless,required comma separated, as per int setmppe(char **argv) function... unless I am getting something wrong, obviously.

These are the options defined in ccp.c:
#ifdef MPPE
    { "mppc", o_bool, &ccp_wantoptions[0].mppc,
      "request MPPC compression", 1, &ccp_allowoptions[0].mppc },
    { "+mppc", o_bool, &ccp_wantoptions[0].mppc,
      "request MPPC compression", 1, &ccp_allowoptions[0].mppc, OPT_ALIAS },
    { "nomppc", o_bool, &ccp_wantoptions[0].mppc,
      "don't allow MPPC compression", OPT_PRIOSUB | OPT_A2CLR,
      &ccp_allowoptions[0].mppc },
    { "-mppc", o_bool, &ccp_wantoptions[0].mppc,
      "don't allow MPPC compression", OPT_ALIAS | OPT_PRIOSUB | OPT_A2CLR,
      &ccp_allowoptions[0].mppc },
    { "mppe", o_special, (void *)setmppe,
      "request MPPE encryption" },
    { "+mppe", o_special, (void *)setmppe,
      "request MPPE encryption" },
    { "nomppe", o_special_noarg, (void *)setnomppe,
      "don't allow MPPE encryption" },
    { "-mppe", o_special_noarg, (void *)setnomppe,
      "don't allow MPPE encryption" },
#endif /* MPPE */

These are the download definitions:



Christoph Schulz



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