Re: [PATCH pciutils 0/6] pcilmr: Improve grading of the margining results

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> Original version of the pcilmr utility used values from the Table 8-11 of
> the PCIe Base Spec Rev 5.0 to evaluate lanes. But it seems that these
> values relate only to the margining equipment and are not relevant to
> evaluating the quality of connections.
> Patch set improves grading from two sides:
> * The PCIe Base Spec Rev 5.0 sets the minimum values for the eye in the
>   section 8.4.2. Change default grading values in the utility according to
>   this section. Keep in mind that the Spec uses full eye width and height
>   terms and that reference values depend on the current Link speed;
> * Manufacturers can provide criteria for their devices that
>   differ from the standard ones. Usually this information falls under the
>   NDA, so add an option to the utility that will allow the user to set
>   necessary criteria for evaluating the quality of lanes.
> At the same time, fix the known limitations associated with arguments
> parsing.
> With the new changes made, the logic responsible for arguments parsing has
> become too large, so put it in a separate file.

Thanks, applied.


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