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On Mon 06-05-24 19:27:10, Adam Manzanares wrote:
> Hello all,
> I would like to have a discussion with the CXL development community about
> current outstanding issues and also invite developers interested in RAS and
> memory tiering to participate.
> The first topic I believe we should discuss is how we can ensure as a group
> that we are prioritizing upstream work. On a recent upstream CXL development
> discussion call there was a call to review more work. I apologize for not
> grabbing the link, but I believe Dave Jiang is leveraging patchwork and this
> link should be shared with others so we can help get more reviews where needed.
> The second topic I would like to discuss is how we integrate RAS features that
> have similar equivalents in the kernel. A CXL device can provide info about 
> memory media errors in a similar fashion to memory controllers that have EDAC
> support. Discussions have been put on the list and I would like to hear thoughts
> from the community about where this should go [1]. On the same topic CXL has 
> port level RAS features and the PCIe DW series touched on this issue  [2]
> The third topic I would like to discuss is how we can get a set of common
> benchmarks for memory tiering evaluations. Our team has done some initial
> work in this space, but we want to hear more from end users about their 
> workloads of concern. There was a proposal related to this topic, but from what 
> I understand no meeting has been held [3]. 
> The last topic that I believe is worth discussion is how do we come up with
> a baseline for testing. I am aware of 3 efforts that could be used cxl_test, 
> qemu, and uunit testing framework [4].

This seems to be quite a lot for a single time slot. I think it would
make sense to split that into more slots. WDYT?
Michal Hocko

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