Re: [RFC PATCH v2 5/6] PCI/TSM: Authenticate devices via platform TSM

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> > If (!ide_cap && tee_cap), we get here but doing the below does not make 
> > sense for TEE (which are likely to be VFs).
> The "!ide_cap && tee_cap" case may also be the "TSM wants to setup IDE
> without TDISP flow".

IIUC, should be "TSM wants to setup TDISP without IDE flow"?

But I think aik is talking about VFs (which fit "!ide_cap && tee_cap"),
VFs should not be rejected by the following:

      pci_tsm->doe_mb = pci_find_doe_mailbox(pdev, PCI_VENDOR_ID_PCI_SIG,
      if (!pci_tsm->doe_mb)

VF should check its PF's doe/ide/tee cap and then be added to
pci_tsm_devs, is it?


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