Re: [PATCH 1/3] x86/apic: Drop apic::delivery_mode

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On Thu, Nov 02 2023 at 12:26, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> This field is set to APIC_DELIVERY_MODE_FIXED in all cases, and is read
> exactly once.  Fold the constant in uv_program_mmr() and drop the field.
> Searching for the origin of the stale HyperV comment reveals commit
> a31e58e129f7 ("x86/apic: Switch all APICs to Fixed delivery mode") which
> notes:
>   As a consequence of this change, the apic::irq_delivery_mode field is
>   now pointless, but this needs to be cleaned up in a separate patch.
> 6 years is long enough for this technical debt to have survived.

Guilty as charged. :)

Thanks for spotting this and cleaning it up!


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