Re: TDISP enablement

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On Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 04:40:56PM -0700, Dionna Amalie Glaze wrote:
> Only read? Can user space not provide a nonce for replay protection
> here, or is that just inherent to the SPDM channel setup, and the

That's internal to SPDM, regardless whether SPDM is handled by the
TSM or OS kernel.

> These vendored certificates will only grow in size, and they're

The size of a cert chain is limited to 64 kByte by the SPDM spec.

A device may have 8 slots, each containing a cert chain.

> device-specific, so it makes sense for machines to have a local cache
> of all the provisioned certificates that get forwarded to the guest
> through the VMM. I'd like to see this kind of blob reporting as a more
> general mechanism, however, so we can get TDX-specific blobs in too
> without much fuss.

Cert chains and measurements from the interface report need to be
exposed as individual sysfs attributes for compatibility with
TEE-IO incapable devices.

Blobs make zero sense here.  Doubly so if they're vendor-specific.



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