[PATCH v5 0/4] arm64: qcom: sa8775p: add cache coherency support for SA8775P

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This series is to enable cache snooping logic in both RC and EP
driver and add the "dma-coherent" property in dtsi to support
cache coherency in SA8775P.

This series adds the relavent DT bindings, new compatible string,
add support to EPF driver and add EP PCIe node in dtsi file for
ep pcie0 controller.

v4 -> v5:
- add maxItems to the respective field to constrain io space and
  interrupt in all variants.

v3 -> v4:
- add maxItems field in dt bindings
- update comment in patch2
- dropped PHY driver patch as it is already applied [1]
- update comment in EPF driver patch
- update commect in dtsi and add iommus instead of iommu-map

[1] https://lore.kernel.org/all/169804254205.383714.18423881810869732517.b4-ty@xxxxxxxxxx/

v2 -> v3:
- removed if/then schemas, added minItems for reg,
  reg-bnames, interrupt and interrupt-names instead.
- adding qcom,sa8775p-pcie-ep compitable for sa8775p
  as we have some specific change to add.
- reusing sm8450's pcs_misc num table as it is same as sa8775p.
  used appropriate namespace for pcs.
- remove const from sa8775p_header as kernel test robot
  throwing some warnings due to this.
- remove fallback compatiable as we are adding compatiable for sa8775p.

v1 -> v2:
- update description for dma
- Reusing qcom,sdx55-pcie-ep compatibe so remove compaitable
  for sa8775p
- sort the defines in phy header file and remove extra defines
- add const in return type pci_epf_header and remove MHI_EPF_USE_DMA
  flag as hdma patch is not ready
- add fallback compatiable as qcom,sdx55-pcie-ep, add iommu property

Mrinmay Sarkar (4):
  dt-bindings: PCI: qcom-ep: Add support for SA8775P SoC
  PCI: qcom-ep: Add support for SA8775P SOC
  PCI: epf-mhi: Add support for SA8775P
  arm64: dts: qcom: sa8775p: Add ep pcie0 controller node

 .../devicetree/bindings/pci/qcom,pcie-ep.yaml      | 64 +++++++++++++++++++++-
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/sa8775p.dtsi              | 46 ++++++++++++++++
 drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-qcom-ep.c          |  1 +
 drivers/pci/endpoint/functions/pci-epf-mhi.c       | 17 ++++++
 4 files changed, 126 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


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