Enabling PCI_P2PDMA for distro kernels?

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in https://bugs.debian.org/1015871 the Debian kernel team got a request
to enable PCI_P2PDMA. Given the description of the feature and also the
"If unsure, say N." I wonder if you consider it safe to enable this

Assuming this option isn't completely free of security concerns, a
kernel option to explicitly enable would be nice for a distro kernel.
This way the option could be enabled (but dormant and so safe) and users
who want to benefit from it despite the concerns can still do so.

Some side information:

 - According to Emanuele Rocca this option is enabled in Fedora Server
   38 and openSUSE Tumbleweed

 - I already asked in #linux-pci for feedback, Krzysztof Wilczyński
   recommended there to bring this topic forward via mail and pointed
   out a (paywalled) ACM paper about this topic

Best regards

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