Re: [PATCH 12/12] PCI/CMA: Grant guests exclusive control of authentication

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Alexey Kardashevskiy wrote:
> To own IDE, the guest will have to have exclusive access to the portion 
> of RC responsible for the IDE keys. Which is doable but requires passing 
> through both RC and the device and probably everything between these 
> two.  It is going to be quite different "host-native" and 
> "guest-native". How IDE keys are going to be programmed into the RC on 
> Intel?

I do not think the guest can "own IDE" in any meaningful. It is always
going to be a PF level policy coordinated either by the host or the
platform-TSM, and as far as I can see all end user interest currently
lies in the platform-TSM case.

Now, there is definitely value in considering how a guest can maximize
security in the absence of a platform-TSM in the code design, but that
does not diminish the need for a path for the guest to coordinate the
life-cycle through the platform-TSM. Otherwise, as you mention, passing
through the host-bridge resources and the VF has challenges.

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