Re: [PATCH v3] PCI: keystone: Fix pci_ops for AM654x SoC

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On 23/10/23 16:12, Serge Semin wrote:


> Siddharth, if it won't be that much bother and you have an access to
> the v3.65-based Keystone PCIe device, could you please have a look
> whether it's possible to implement what Bjorn suggested? *

Unfortunately I don't have any SoC/Device with me that has the v3.65 PCIe
controller, so I will not be able to test Bjorn's suggestion.

> * it's irrespective to this patch. This fix looks good. If Bjorn
> and/or Mani are ok with it, I guess it can be already merged in.
> -Serge(y)
>> Bjorn


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