Re: [Nouveau] [RFC, drm-misc-next v4 0/9] PCI/VGA: Allowing the user to select the primary video adapter at boot time

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On 2023/9/7 17:08, Christian König wrote:

I strongly suggest that you just completely drop this here

Drop this is OK, no problem. Then I will go to develop something else.
This version is not intended to merge originally, as it's a RFC.
Also, the core mechanism already finished, it is the first patch in this series.
Things left are just policy (how to specify one and parse the kernel CMD line) and nothing interesting left.
It is actually to fulfill my promise at V3 which is to give some examples as usage cases.

and go into the AST driver and try to fix it.

Well, someone tell me that this is well defined behavior yesterday,
which imply that it is not a bug. I'm not going to fix a non-bug.
But if thomas ask me to fix it, then I probably have to try to fix.
But I suggest if things not broken, don't fix it. Otherwise this may
incur more big trouble. For server's single display use case, it is
good enough.


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