Re: upstream linux cannot achieve package C8 power saving

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I contacted the Ubuntu developers to see if they were ok with using
their patches.

They advised the patches were outdated and further development was
under discussion.

The current patches work and would benefit Linux users until something
better comes along.

Would you like me to proceed with the formal patch still ?


On Wed, 30 Aug 2023 at 11:11, Bagas Sanjaya <bagasdotme@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I notice a bug report on Bugzilla [1]. Quoting from it:
> > v6.5 (and at least v5.15, v5.19 and v6.4 as well) will not go to a higher power saving level than package C3.
> >
> > With the inclusion of a patch that combines 3 Ubuntu commits related to VMD ASPM & LTR, package C8 is used.
> See Bugzilla for the full thread.
> FYI, the attached proposed fix is the same as Brett's another BZ report [2].
> I include it for upstreaming.
> To Brett: Would you like to submit the proper, formal patch (see
> Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst for details)?
> Thanks.
> [1]:
> [2]:
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