Re: [PATCH] dt-bindings: PCI: qcom: fix SDX65 compatible

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> Commit c0aba9f32801 ("dt-bindings: PCI: qcom: Add SDX65 SoC") adding
> SDX65 was not ever tested and is clearly bogus.  The qcom,sdx65-pcie-ep
> compatible is followed by fallback in DTS and there is no driver
> matching by this compatible.  Driver matches by its fallback
> qcom,sdx55-pcie-ep.  This fixes also dtbs_check warnings like:
>   qcom-sdx65-mtp.dtb: pcie-ep@1c00000: compatible: ['qcom,sdx65-pcie-ep', 'qcom,sdx55-pcie-ep'] is too long

Applied to controller/qcom, thank you!

[1/1] dt-bindings: PCI: qcom: Fix SDX65 compatible


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