Re: [PATCH v4 9/9] bus: mhi: ep: wake up host if the MHI state is in M3

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On 7/28/2023 11:21 AM, Dan Carpenter wrote:
On Thu, Jul 13, 2023 at 12:40:18PM +0530, Krishna chaitanya chundru wrote:
@@ -464,6 +484,13 @@ int mhi_ep_queue_skb(struct mhi_ep_device *mhi_dev, struct sk_buff *skb)
  	buf_left = skb->len;
  	ring = &mhi_cntrl->mhi_chan[mhi_chan->chan].ring;
+ if (mhi_cntrl->mhi_state == MHI_STATE_M3) {
+		if (mhi_ep_wake_host(mhi_cntrl)) {
+			dev_err(dev, "Failed to wakeup host\n");
+			return -ENODEV;
+		}
Since you're going to be redoing this patch anyway could you please
propage the error code:

		ret = mhi_ep_wake_host(mhi_cntrl);
		if (ret) {
			dev_err(dev, "Failed to wakeup host\n");
			return ret;

dan carpenter

I will add this in next series.

- KC

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