Re: [PATCH v1 0/9] Refactoring Microchip PolarFire PCIe driver

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Hey Minda,

On Wed, Jul 19, 2023 at 06:20:48PM +0800, Minda Chen wrote:
> This patchset final purpose is add PCIe driver for StarFive JH7110 SoC.
> JH7110 using PLDA XpressRICH PCIe IP. Microchip PolarFire Using the
> same IP and have commit their codes, which are mixed with PLDA
> controller codes and Microchip platform codes.
> For re-use the PLDA controller codes, I request refactoring microchip
> codes, move PLDA common codes to PLDA files.
> Desigware and Cadence is good example for refactoring codes.
> So first step is extract the PLDA common codes from microchip, and
> refactoring the microchip codes.(patch1 - 4)
> Then add the PLDA platform codes. (patch5, 6)
> At last, add Starfive codes. (patch7 - 9)

Thanks for sending this, I'll try to have a look through it tomorrow, or
if not, early next week. As pointed out off-list, the gist of what you
have here looked good to myself and Daire.

> This patchset is base on v6.5-rc1
> patch1 is add PLDA XpressRICH PCIe host common properties dt-binding
>        docs, most are extracted from microchip,pcie-host.yaml
> patch2 is add plda,xpressrich-pcie-common.yaml(patch1 file) reference
>        and remove the PLDA common properties.
> patch3 is extracting the PLDA common codes from microchip Polarfire PCIe
>        codes. The change list in the commit message.
> patch4 is move microchip driver to PLDA directory and remove the PLDA
>        common codes.
> patch5 is add PLDA Xpressrich platform driver dt-binding doc.
> patch6 is PLDA Xpressrich platform driver.
> patch7 is add StarFive JH7110 PCIe dt-binding doc.
> patch8 is add StarFive JH7110 Soc PCIe platform codes.
> patch9 is StarFive JH7110 device tree configuration.
> I have noticed that Daire have changed microchip's codes.

I'll go and ping this, it's been a few weeks with no movement :)


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