pciutils 3.10.0 released

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Hello, world!\n

I released pciutils 3.10.0. Thus quoth the changelog:

    * Released as 3.10.0.

    * Fixed bug in definition of versioned symbol aliases
      in shared libpci, which made compiling with link-time
      optimization fail.

    * Filters now accept "0x..." syntax for backward compatibility.

    * Windows: The cfgmgr32 back-end which provides the list of devices
      can be combined with another back-end which provides access
      to configuration space.

    * ECAM (Enhanced Configuration Access Mechanism), which is defined
      by the PCIe standard, is now supported. It requires root privileges,
      access to physical memory, and also manual configuration on some

    * lspci: Tree view now works on multi-domain systems. It now respects
      filters properly.

    * Last but not least, pci.ids were updated to the current snapshot
      of the database. This includes overall cleanup of entries with
      non-ASCII characters in their names -- such characters are allowed,
      but only if they convey interesting information (e.g., umlauts
      in German company names, but not the "registered trade mark" sign).

Thanks to all contributors, most importantly Pali Rohár.

			Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mareš                        <mj@xxxxxx>   http://mj.ucw.cz/
United Computer Wizards, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe, Earth, Universe
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