Re: [Patch v3 10/11] memory: tegra: handle no BWMGR MRQ support in BPMP

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On 20/03/2023 19:24, Sumit Gupta wrote:
> If BPMP-FW doesn't support 'MRQ_BWMGR_INT', then the MC Client driver
> probe fails with 'EPROBE_DEFER' which it receives on calling the func
> 'devm_of_icc_get()'. Fix this by initializing the ICC even if the MRQ
> is missing and return 'EINVAL' from 'icc_set_bw()' instead of passing
> the request to BPMP-FW later when the BW request is made by client.
> Fixes: ("memory: tegra: add interconnect support for DRAM scaling in Tegra234")

That's not correct tag.

Anyway, send fixes separately.

Best regards,

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