[PATCH v11] lib: checksum: Use aligned accesses for ip_fast_csum and csum_ipv6_magic tests

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The test cases for ip_fast_csum and csum_ipv6_magic were not properly
aligning the IP header, which were causing failures on architectures
that do not support misaligned accesses like some ARM platforms. To
solve this, align the data along (14 + NET_IP_ALIGN) bytes which is the
standard alignment of an IP header and must be supported by the

Furthermore, all architectures except the m68k pad "struct
csum_ipv6_magic_data" to 44 bytes. To make compatible with the m68k,
manually pad this structure to 44 bytes.

Fixes: 6f4c45cbcb00 ("kunit: Add tests for csum_ipv6_magic and ip_fast_csum")
Signed-off-by: Charlie Jenkins <charlie@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reviewed-by: Guenter Roeck <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Acked-by: Palmer Dabbelt <palmer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
The ip_fast_csum and csum_ipv6_magic tests did not work on all
architectures due to differences in misaligned access support.
Fix those issues by changing endianness of data and aligning the data.

This patch relies upon a patch from Christophe:

[PATCH net] kunit: Fix again checksum tests on big endian CPUs

Changes in v11:
- Use "bytes" instead of "bits" in commit description (Geert)
- Include BUILD_BUG_ON for struct csum_ipv6_magic_data size (Geert)
- Restrict length to 16 bits for ipv6
- Link to v10: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240223-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v10-1-b6a45914b7d8@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v10:
- Christophe Leroy graciously decided to re-write my patch to fit his
  style so I have dropped my endianness+sparse changes and have based by
  alignment fixes on his patch. The link to his patch can be seen above.
- I dropped Guenter's tested-by but kept his reviewed-by since only the base
  was changed.
- Link to v9: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240221-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v9-0-bff4d73ab9d1@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v9:
- Revert back to v7, the changes to v8 were not needed
- Link to v8: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240214-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v8-0-36b60e673593@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v8:
- Change ipv6_magic test case to use memcpy to avoid misalignment
- Add Guenter's tested-by to patch 1 but not patch 2 since the later has
- Link to v7: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240212-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v7-0-bbd3b8f64746@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v7:
- Incorporate feedback for test_csum_ipv6_magic from Guenter and Al
- Link to v6: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240207-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v6-0-4caa9629705b@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v6:
- Fix for big endian (Guenter)
- Link to v5: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240130-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v5-0-4d8a0a337e5e@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v5:
- Add Guenter's tested-by
- CC Andrew Morton
- Link to v4: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240124-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v4-0-bc2b8d23a35c@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v4:
- Pad test values with zeroes (David)
- Link to v3: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240123-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v3-0-efecc7f94297@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v3:
- Don't read memory out of bounds
- Link to v2: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240123-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v2-0-b306b6ce7da5@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changes in v2:
- Add additional patch to fix alignment issues
- Link to v1: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240119-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-v1-1-2d3df86d8d78@xxxxxxxxxxxx
 lib/checksum_kunit.c | 393 ++++++++++++++++++---------------------------------
 1 file changed, 139 insertions(+), 254 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/checksum_kunit.c b/lib/checksum_kunit.c
index bf70850035c7..11a7d6975bb9 100644
--- a/lib/checksum_kunit.c
+++ b/lib/checksum_kunit.c
@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@
 #define IPv4_MIN_WORDS 5
 #define IPv4_MAX_WORDS 15
-#define NUM_IPv6_TESTS 200
+/* Ethernet headers are 14 bytes and NET_IP_ALIGN is used to align them */
 /* Values for a little endian CPU. Byte swap each half on big endian CPU. */
 static const u32 random_init_sum = 0x2847aab;
@@ -216,234 +217,106 @@ static const u32 init_sums_no_overflow[] = {
 static const u16 expected_csum_ipv6_magic[] = {
-	0x18d4, 0x3085, 0x2e4b, 0xd9f4, 0xbdc8, 0x78f,	0x1034, 0x8422, 0x6fc0,
-	0xd2f6, 0xbeb5, 0x9d3,	0x7e2a, 0x312e, 0x778e, 0xc1bb, 0x7cf2, 0x9d1e,
-	0xca21, 0xf3ff, 0x7569, 0xb02e, 0xca86, 0x7e76, 0x4539, 0x45e3, 0xf28d,
-	0xdf81, 0x8fd5, 0x3b5d, 0x8324, 0xf471, 0x83be, 0x1daf, 0x8c46, 0xe682,
-	0xd1fb, 0x6b2e, 0xe687, 0x2a33, 0x4833, 0x2d67, 0x660f, 0x2e79, 0xd65e,
-	0x6b62, 0x6672, 0x5dbd, 0x8680, 0xbaa5, 0x2229, 0x2125, 0x2d01, 0x1cc0,
-	0x6d36, 0x33c0, 0xee36, 0xd832, 0x9820, 0x8a31, 0x53c5, 0x2e2,	0xdb0e,
-	0x49ed, 0x17a7, 0x77a0, 0xd72e, 0x3d72, 0x7dc8, 0x5b17, 0xf55d, 0xa4d9,
-	0x1446, 0x5d56, 0x6b2e, 0x69a5, 0xadb6, 0xff2a, 0x92e,	0xe044, 0x3402,
-	0xbb60, 0xec7f, 0xe7e6, 0x1986, 0x32f4, 0x8f8,	0x5e00, 0x47c6, 0x3059,
-	0x3969, 0xe957, 0x4388, 0x2854, 0x3334, 0xea71, 0xa6de, 0x33f9, 0x83fc,
-	0x37b4, 0x5531, 0x3404, 0x1010, 0xed30, 0x610a, 0xc95,	0x9aed, 0x6ff,
-	0x5136, 0x2741, 0x660e, 0x8b80, 0xf71,	0xa263, 0x88af, 0x7a73, 0x3c37,
-	0x1908, 0x6db5, 0x2e92, 0x1cd2, 0x70c8, 0xee16, 0xe80,	0xcd55, 0x6e6,
-	0x6434, 0x127,	0x655d, 0x2ea0, 0xb4f4, 0xdc20, 0x5671, 0xe462, 0xe52b,
-	0xdb44, 0x3589, 0xc48f, 0xe60b, 0xd2d2, 0x66ad, 0x498,	0x436,	0xb917,
-	0xf0ca, 0x1a6e, 0x1cb7, 0xbf61, 0x2870, 0xc7e8, 0x5b30, 0xe4a5, 0x168,
-	0xadfc, 0xd035, 0xe690, 0xe283, 0xfb27, 0xe4ad, 0xb1a5, 0xf2d5, 0xc4b6,
-	0x8a30, 0xd7d5, 0x7df9, 0x91d5, 0x63ed, 0x2d21, 0x312b, 0xab19, 0xa632,
-	0x8d2e, 0xef06, 0x57b9, 0xc373, 0xbd1f, 0xa41f, 0x8444, 0x9975, 0x90cb,
-	0xc49c, 0xe965, 0x4eff, 0x5a,	0xef6d, 0xe81a, 0xe260, 0x853a, 0xff7a,
-	0x99aa, 0xb06b, 0xee19, 0xcc2c, 0xf34c, 0x7c49, 0xdac3, 0xa71e, 0xc988,
-	0x3845, 0x1014
+	0x5b4a, 0x686d, 0xea7a, 0xa07e, 0x8794, 0x1038, 0xde27, 0x63bc, 0xfd51,
+	0x3fe4, 0x14ac, 0x00af, 0x5398, 0xdaa9, 0xbf3b, 0x4741, 0x8c5a, 0xc20c,
+	0xb72c, 0xb012, 0xd4fc, 0x6b97, 0xb716, 0x43bd, 0xaf02, 0xfdc6, 0x03fd,
+	0xe2a7, 0xaa7f, 0xb289, 0x02c7, 0xde65, 0x497c, 0xdcfa, 0x2664, 0xef4a,
+	0x555d, 0x0a5e, 0xf1d7, 0x2727, 0xfa3c, 0xac89, 0x61fd, 0x2294, 0x0003,
+	0xe3f6, 0x4c61, 0x968d, 0x8105, 0xaccc, 0xc311, 0x8ab0, 0xcf3d, 0xac01,
+	0x0306, 0xa5a4, 0x7166, 0xfbde, 0x8072, 0x7079, 0xdf72, 0x22be, 0x340e,
+	0x02c3, 0x3421, 0x2137, 0xfaf2, 0x874f, 0xe764, 0x9bf2, 0x0415, 0x7bb0,
+	0x09ab, 0xdec0, 0x5bd4, 0x37f4, 0x0a14, 0xd8e8, 0x6a5b, 0x2f3b, 0x908b,
+	0x26c7, 0xd871, 0xf24d, 0xd2bf, 0xfe4e, 0xa5cf, 0x1969, 0x6615, 0xfdb2,
+	0xf3f0, 0x9e12, 0x19d0, 0xdf37, 0x7ef6, 0xb229, 0xb216, 0x676f, 0x2aeb,
+	0x2bb3, 0x92b8, 0x0542, 0x091b, 0xc28f, 0xdbe5, 0x9980, 0x51ab, 0x4f0c,
+	0xe1ac, 0x19e3, 0xdce0, 0xe641, 0xa90d, 0x96c5, 0xdb6e, 0xc4ec, 0x853a,
 static const u16 expected_fast_csum[] = {
-	0xda83, 0x45da, 0x4f46, 0x4e4f, 0x34e,	0xe902, 0xa5e9, 0x87a5, 0x7187,
-	0x5671, 0xf556, 0x6df5, 0x816d, 0x8f81, 0xbb8f, 0xfbba, 0x5afb, 0xbe5a,
-	0xedbe, 0xabee, 0x6aac, 0xe6b,	0xea0d, 0x67ea, 0x7e68, 0x8a7e, 0x6f8a,
-	0x3a70, 0x9f3a, 0xe89e, 0x75e8, 0x7976, 0xfa79, 0x2cfa, 0x3c2c, 0x463c,
-	0x7146, 0x7a71, 0x547a, 0xfd53, 0x99fc, 0xb699, 0x92b6, 0xdb91, 0xe8da,
-	0x5fe9, 0x1e60, 0xae1d, 0x39ae, 0xf439, 0xa1f4, 0xdda1, 0xede,	0x790f,
-	0x579,	0x1206, 0x9012, 0x2490, 0xd224, 0x5cd2, 0xa65d, 0xca7,	0x220d,
-	0xf922, 0xbf9,	0x920b, 0x1b92, 0x361c, 0x2e36, 0x4d2e, 0x24d,	0x2,
-	0xcfff, 0x90cf, 0xa591, 0x93a5, 0x7993, 0x9579, 0xc894, 0x50c8, 0x5f50,
-	0xd55e, 0xcad5, 0xf3c9, 0x8f4,	0x4409, 0x5043, 0x5b50, 0x55b,	0x2205,
-	0x1e22, 0x801e, 0x3780, 0xe137, 0x7ee0, 0xf67d, 0x3cf6, 0xa53c, 0x2ea5,
-	0x472e, 0x5147, 0xcf51, 0x1bcf, 0x951c, 0x1e95, 0xc71e, 0xe4c7, 0xc3e4,
-	0x3dc3, 0xee3d, 0xa4ed, 0xf9a4, 0xcbf8, 0x75cb, 0xb375, 0x50b4, 0x3551,
-	0xf835, 0x19f8, 0x8c1a, 0x538c, 0xad52, 0xa3ac, 0xb0a3, 0x5cb0, 0x6c5c,
-	0x5b6c, 0xc05a, 0x92c0, 0x4792, 0xbe47, 0x53be, 0x1554, 0x5715, 0x4b57,
-	0xe54a, 0x20e5, 0x21,	0xd500, 0xa1d4, 0xa8a1, 0x57a9, 0xca57, 0x5ca,
-	0x1c06, 0x4f1c, 0xe24e, 0xd9e2, 0xf0d9, 0x4af1, 0x474b, 0x8146, 0xe81,
-	0xfd0e, 0x84fd, 0x7c85, 0xba7c, 0x17ba, 0x4a17, 0x964a, 0xf595, 0xff5,
-	0x5310, 0x3253, 0x6432, 0x4263, 0x2242, 0xe121, 0x32e1, 0xf632, 0xc5f5,
-	0x21c6, 0x7d22, 0x8e7c, 0x418e, 0x5641, 0x3156, 0x7c31, 0x737c, 0x373,
-	0x2503, 0xc22a, 0x3c2,	0x4a04, 0x8549, 0x5285, 0xa352, 0xe8a3, 0x6fe8,
-	0x1a6f, 0x211a, 0xe021, 0x38e0, 0x7638, 0xf575, 0x9df5, 0x169e, 0xf116,
-	0x23f1, 0xcd23, 0xece,	0x660f, 0x4866, 0x6a48, 0x716a, 0xee71, 0xa2ee,
-	0xb8a2, 0x61b9, 0xa361, 0xf7a2, 0x26f7, 0x1127, 0x6611, 0xe065, 0x36e0,
-	0x1837, 0x3018, 0x1c30, 0x721b, 0x3e71, 0xe43d, 0x99e4, 0x9e9a, 0xb79d,
-	0xa9b7, 0xcaa,	0xeb0c, 0x4eb,	0x1305, 0x8813, 0xb687, 0xa9b6, 0xfba9,
-	0xd7fb, 0xccd8, 0x2ecd, 0x652f, 0xae65, 0x3fae, 0x3a40, 0x563a, 0x7556,
-	0x2776, 0x1228, 0xef12, 0xf9ee, 0xcef9, 0x56cf, 0xa956, 0x24a9, 0xba24,
-	0x5fba, 0x665f, 0xf465, 0x8ff4, 0x6d8f, 0x346d, 0x5f34, 0x385f, 0xd137,
-	0xb8d0, 0xacb8, 0x55ac, 0x7455, 0xe874, 0x89e8, 0xd189, 0xa0d1, 0xb2a0,
-	0xb8b2, 0x36b8, 0x5636, 0xd355, 0x8d3,	0x1908, 0x2118, 0xc21,	0x990c,
-	0x8b99, 0x158c, 0x7815, 0x9e78, 0x6f9e, 0x4470, 0x1d44, 0x341d, 0x2634,
-	0x3f26, 0x793e, 0xc79,	0xcc0b, 0x26cc, 0xd126, 0x1fd1, 0xb41f, 0xb6b4,
-	0x22b7, 0xa122, 0xa1,	0x7f01, 0x837e, 0x3b83, 0xaf3b, 0x6fae, 0x916f,
-	0xb490, 0xffb3, 0xceff, 0x50cf, 0x7550, 0x7275, 0x1272, 0x2613, 0xaa26,
-	0xd5aa, 0x7d5,	0x9607, 0x96,	0xb100, 0xf8b0, 0x4bf8, 0xdd4c, 0xeddd,
-	0x98ed, 0x2599, 0x9325, 0xeb92, 0x8feb, 0xcc8f, 0x2acd, 0x392b, 0x3b39,
-	0xcb3b, 0x6acb, 0xd46a, 0xb8d4, 0x6ab8, 0x106a, 0x2f10, 0x892f, 0x789,
-	0xc806, 0x45c8, 0x7445, 0x3c74, 0x3a3c, 0xcf39, 0xd7ce, 0x58d8, 0x6e58,
-	0x336e, 0x1034, 0xee10, 0xe9ed, 0xc2e9, 0x3fc2, 0xd53e, 0xd2d4, 0xead2,
-	0x8fea, 0x2190, 0x1162, 0xbe11, 0x8cbe, 0x6d8c, 0xfb6c, 0x6dfb, 0xd36e,
-	0x3ad3, 0xf3a,	0x870e, 0xc287, 0x53c3, 0xc54,	0x5b0c, 0x7d5a, 0x797d,
-	0xec79, 0x5dec, 0x4d5e, 0x184e, 0xd618, 0x60d6, 0xb360, 0x98b3, 0xf298,
-	0xb1f2, 0x69b1, 0xf969, 0xef9,	0xab0e, 0x21ab, 0xe321, 0x24e3, 0x8224,
-	0x5481, 0x5954, 0x7a59, 0xff7a, 0x7dff, 0x1a7d, 0xa51a, 0x46a5, 0x6b47,
-	0xe6b,	0x830e, 0xa083, 0xff9f, 0xd0ff, 0xffd0, 0xe6ff, 0x7de7, 0xc67d,
-	0xd0c6, 0x61d1, 0x3a62, 0xc3b,	0x150c, 0x1715, 0x4517, 0x5345, 0x3954,
-	0xdd39, 0xdadd, 0x32db, 0x6a33, 0xd169, 0x86d1, 0xb687, 0x3fb6, 0x883f,
-	0xa487, 0x39a4, 0x2139, 0xbe20, 0xffbe, 0xedfe, 0x8ded, 0x368e, 0xc335,
-	0x51c3, 0x9851, 0xf297, 0xd6f2, 0xb9d6, 0x95ba, 0x2096, 0xea1f, 0x76e9,
-	0x4e76, 0xe04d, 0xd0df, 0x80d0, 0xa280, 0xfca2, 0x75fc, 0xef75, 0x32ef,
-	0x6833, 0xdf68, 0xc4df, 0x76c4, 0xb77,	0xb10a, 0xbfb1, 0x58bf, 0x5258,
-	0x4d52, 0x6c4d, 0x7e6c, 0xb67e, 0xccb5, 0x8ccc, 0xbe8c, 0xc8bd, 0x9ac8,
-	0xa99b, 0x52a9, 0x2f53, 0xc30,	0x3e0c, 0xb83d, 0x83b7, 0x5383, 0x7e53,
-	0x4f7e, 0xe24e, 0xb3e1, 0x8db3, 0x618e, 0xc861, 0xfcc8, 0x34fc, 0x9b35,
-	0xaa9b, 0xb1aa, 0x5eb1, 0x395e, 0x8639, 0xd486, 0x8bd4, 0x558b, 0x2156,
-	0xf721, 0x4ef6, 0x14f,	0x7301, 0xdd72, 0x49de, 0x894a, 0x9889, 0x8898,
-	0x7788, 0x7b77, 0x637b, 0xb963, 0xabb9, 0x7cab, 0xc87b, 0x21c8, 0xcb21,
-	0xdfca, 0xbfdf, 0xf2bf, 0x6af2, 0x626b, 0xb261, 0x3cb2, 0xc63c, 0xc9c6,
-	0xc9c9, 0xb4c9, 0xf9b4, 0x91f9, 0x4091, 0x3a40, 0xcc39, 0xd1cb, 0x7ed1,
-	0x537f, 0x6753, 0xa167, 0xba49, 0x88ba, 0x7789, 0x3877, 0xf037, 0xd3ef,
-	0xb5d4, 0x55b6, 0xa555, 0xeca4, 0xa1ec, 0xb6a2, 0x7b7,	0x9507, 0xfd94,
-	0x82fd, 0x5c83, 0x765c, 0x9676, 0x3f97, 0xda3f, 0x6fda, 0x646f, 0x3064,
-	0x5e30, 0x655e, 0x6465, 0xcb64, 0xcdca, 0x4ccd, 0x3f4c, 0x243f, 0x6f24,
-	0x656f, 0x6065, 0x3560, 0x3b36, 0xac3b, 0x4aac, 0x714a, 0x7e71, 0xda7e,
-	0x7fda, 0xda7f, 0x6fda, 0xff6f, 0xc6ff, 0xedc6, 0xd4ed, 0x70d5, 0xeb70,
-	0xa3eb, 0x80a3, 0xca80, 0x3fcb, 0x2540, 0xf825, 0x7ef8, 0xf87e, 0x73f8,
-	0xb474, 0xb4b4, 0x92b5, 0x9293, 0x93,	0x3500, 0x7134, 0x9071, 0xfa8f,
-	0x51fa, 0x1452, 0xba13, 0x7ab9, 0x957a, 0x8a95, 0x6e8a, 0x6d6e, 0x7c6d,
-	0x447c, 0x9744, 0x4597, 0x8945, 0xef88, 0x8fee, 0x3190, 0x4831, 0x8447,
-	0xa183, 0x1da1, 0xd41d, 0x2dd4, 0x4f2e, 0xc94e, 0xcbc9, 0xc9cb, 0x9ec9,
-	0x319e, 0xd531, 0x20d5, 0x4021, 0xb23f, 0x29b2, 0xd828, 0xecd8, 0x5ded,
-	0xfc5d, 0x4dfc, 0xd24d, 0x6bd2, 0x5f6b, 0xb35e, 0x7fb3, 0xee7e, 0x56ee,
-	0xa657, 0x68a6, 0x8768, 0x7787, 0xb077, 0x4cb1, 0x764c, 0xb175, 0x7b1,
-	0x3d07, 0x603d, 0x3560, 0x3e35, 0xb03d, 0xd6b0, 0xc8d6, 0xd8c8, 0x8bd8,
-	0x3e8c, 0x303f, 0xd530, 0xf1d4, 0x42f1, 0xca42, 0xddca, 0x41dd, 0x3141,
-	0x132,	0xe901, 0x8e9,	0xbe09, 0xe0bd, 0x2ce0, 0x862d, 0x3986, 0x9139,
-	0x6d91, 0x6a6d, 0x8d6a, 0x1b8d, 0xac1b, 0xedab, 0x54ed, 0xc054, 0xcebf,
-	0xc1ce, 0x5c2,	0x3805, 0x6038, 0x5960, 0xd359, 0xdd3,	0xbe0d, 0xafbd,
-	0x6daf, 0x206d, 0x2c20, 0x862c, 0x8e86, 0xec8d, 0xa2ec, 0xa3a2, 0x51a3,
-	0x8051, 0xfd7f, 0x91fd, 0xa292, 0xaf14, 0xeeae, 0x59ef, 0x535a, 0x8653,
-	0x3986, 0x9539, 0xb895, 0xa0b8, 0x26a0, 0x2227, 0xc022, 0x77c0, 0xad77,
-	0x46ad, 0xaa46, 0x60aa, 0x8560, 0x4785, 0xd747, 0x45d7, 0x2346, 0x5f23,
-	0x25f,	0x1d02, 0x71d,	0x8206, 0xc82,	0x180c, 0x3018, 0x4b30, 0x4b,
-	0x3001, 0x1230, 0x2d12, 0x8c2d, 0x148d, 0x4015, 0x5f3f, 0x3d5f, 0x6b3d,
-	0x396b, 0x473a, 0xf746, 0x44f7, 0x8945, 0x3489, 0xcb34, 0x84ca, 0xd984,
-	0xf0d9, 0xbcf0, 0x63bd, 0x3264, 0xf332, 0x45f3, 0x7346, 0x5673, 0xb056,
-	0xd3b0, 0x4ad4, 0x184b, 0x7d18, 0x6c7d, 0xbb6c, 0xfeba, 0xe0fe, 0x10e1,
-	0x5410, 0x2954, 0x9f28, 0x3a9f, 0x5a3a, 0xdb59, 0xbdc,	0xb40b, 0x1ab4,
-	0x131b, 0x5d12, 0x6d5c, 0xe16c, 0xb0e0, 0x89b0, 0xba88, 0xbb,	0x3c01,
-	0xe13b, 0x6fe1, 0x446f, 0xa344, 0x81a3, 0xfe81, 0xc7fd, 0x38c8, 0xb38,
-	0x1a0b, 0x6d19, 0xf36c, 0x47f3, 0x6d48, 0xb76d, 0xd3b7, 0xd8d2, 0x52d9,
-	0x4b53, 0xa54a, 0x34a5, 0xc534, 0x9bc4, 0xed9b, 0xbeed, 0x3ebe, 0x233e,
-	0x9f22, 0x4a9f, 0x774b, 0x4577, 0xa545, 0x64a5, 0xb65,	0x870b, 0x487,
-	0x9204, 0x5f91, 0xd55f, 0x35d5, 0x1a35, 0x71a,	0x7a07, 0x4e7a, 0xfc4e,
-	0x1efc, 0x481f, 0x7448, 0xde74, 0xa7dd, 0x1ea7, 0xaa1e, 0xcfaa, 0xfbcf,
-	0xedfb, 0x6eee, 0x386f, 0x4538, 0x6e45, 0xd96d, 0x11d9, 0x7912, 0x4b79,
-	0x494b, 0x6049, 0xac5f, 0x65ac, 0x1366, 0x5913, 0xe458, 0x7ae4, 0x387a,
-	0x3c38, 0xb03c, 0x76b0, 0x9376, 0xe193, 0x42e1, 0x7742, 0x6476, 0x3564,
-	0x3c35, 0x6a3c, 0xcc69, 0x94cc, 0x5d95, 0xe5e,	0xee0d, 0x4ced, 0xce4c,
-	0x52ce, 0xaa52, 0xdaaa, 0xe4da, 0x1de5, 0x4530, 0x5445, 0x3954, 0xb639,
-	0x81b6, 0x7381, 0x1574, 0xc215, 0x10c2, 0x3f10, 0x6b3f, 0xe76b, 0x7be7,
-	0xbc7b, 0xf7bb, 0x41f7, 0xcc41, 0x38cc, 0x4239, 0xa942, 0x4a9,	0xc504,
-	0x7cc4, 0x437c, 0x6743, 0xea67, 0x8dea, 0xe88d, 0xd8e8, 0xdcd8, 0x17dd,
-	0x5718, 0x958,	0xa609, 0x41a5, 0x5842, 0x159,	0x9f01, 0x269f, 0x5a26,
-	0x405a, 0xc340, 0xb4c3, 0xd4b4, 0xf4d3, 0xf1f4, 0x39f2, 0xe439, 0x67e4,
-	0x4168, 0xa441, 0xdda3, 0xdedd, 0x9df,	0xab0a, 0xa5ab, 0x9a6,	0xba09,
-	0x9ab9, 0xad9a, 0x5ae,	0xe205, 0xece2, 0xecec, 0x14ed, 0xd614, 0x6bd5,
-	0x916c, 0x3391, 0x6f33, 0x206f, 0x8020, 0x780,	0x7207, 0x2472, 0x8a23,
-	0xb689, 0x3ab6, 0xf739, 0x97f6, 0xb097, 0xa4b0, 0xe6a4, 0x88e6, 0x2789,
-	0xb28,	0x350b, 0x1f35, 0x431e, 0x1043, 0xc30f, 0x79c3, 0x379,	0x5703,
-	0x3256, 0x4732, 0x7247, 0x9d72, 0x489d, 0xd348, 0xa4d3, 0x7ca4, 0xbf7b,
-	0x45c0, 0x7b45, 0x337b, 0x4034, 0x843f, 0xd083, 0x35d0, 0x6335, 0x4d63,
-	0xe14c, 0xcce0, 0xfecc, 0x35ff, 0x5636, 0xf856, 0xeef8, 0x2def, 0xfc2d,
-	0x4fc,	0x6e04, 0xb66d, 0x78b6, 0xbb78, 0x3dbb, 0x9a3d, 0x839a, 0x9283,
-	0x593,	0xd504, 0x23d5, 0x5424, 0xd054, 0x61d0, 0xdb61, 0x17db, 0x1f18,
-	0x381f, 0x9e37, 0x679e, 0x1d68, 0x381d, 0x8038, 0x917f, 0x491,	0xbb04,
-	0x23bb, 0x4124, 0xd41,	0xa30c, 0x8ba3, 0x8b8b, 0xc68b, 0xd2c6, 0xebd2,
-	0x93eb, 0xbd93, 0x99bd, 0x1a99, 0xea19, 0x58ea, 0xcf58, 0x73cf, 0x1073,
-	0x9e10, 0x139e, 0xea13, 0xcde9, 0x3ecd, 0x883f, 0xf89,	0x180f, 0x2a18,
-	0x212a, 0xce20, 0x73ce, 0xf373, 0x60f3, 0xad60, 0x4093, 0x8e40, 0xb98e,
-	0xbfb9, 0xf1bf, 0x8bf1, 0x5e8c, 0xe95e, 0x14e9, 0x4e14, 0x1c4e, 0x7f1c,
-	0xe77e, 0x6fe7, 0xf26f, 0x13f2, 0x8b13, 0xda8a, 0x5fda, 0xea5f, 0x4eea,
-	0xa84f, 0x88a8, 0x1f88, 0x2820, 0x9728, 0x5a97, 0x3f5b, 0xb23f, 0x70b2,
-	0x2c70, 0x232d, 0xf623, 0x4f6,	0x905,	0x7509, 0xd675, 0x28d7, 0x9428,
-	0x3794, 0xf036, 0x2bf0, 0xba2c, 0xedb9, 0xd7ed, 0x59d8, 0xed59, 0x4ed,
-	0xe304, 0x18e3, 0x5c19, 0x3d5c, 0x753d, 0x6d75, 0x956d, 0x7f95, 0xc47f,
-	0x83c4, 0xa84,	0x2e0a, 0x5f2e, 0xb95f, 0x77b9, 0x6d78, 0xf46d, 0x1bf4,
-	0xed1b, 0xd6ed, 0xe0d6, 0x5e1,	0x3905, 0x5638, 0xa355, 0x99a2, 0xbe99,
-	0xb4bd, 0x85b4, 0x2e86, 0x542e, 0x6654, 0xd765, 0x73d7, 0x3a74, 0x383a,
-	0x2638, 0x7826, 0x7677, 0x9a76, 0x7e99, 0x2e7e, 0xea2d, 0xa6ea, 0x8a7,
-	0x109,	0x3300, 0xad32, 0x5fad, 0x465f, 0x2f46, 0xc62f, 0xd4c5, 0xad5,
-	0xcb0a, 0x4cb,	0xb004, 0x7baf, 0xe47b, 0x92e4, 0x8e92, 0x638e, 0x1763,
-	0xc17,	0xf20b, 0x1ff2, 0x8920, 0x5889, 0xcb58, 0xf8cb, 0xcaf8, 0x84cb,
-	0x9f84, 0x8a9f, 0x918a, 0x4991, 0x8249, 0xff81, 0x46ff, 0x5046, 0x5f50,
-	0x725f, 0xf772, 0x8ef7, 0xe08f, 0xc1e0, 0x1fc2, 0x9e1f, 0x8b9d, 0x108b,
-	0x411,	0x2b04, 0xb02a, 0x1fb0, 0x1020, 0x7a0f, 0x587a, 0x8958, 0xb188,
-	0xb1b1, 0x49b2, 0xb949, 0x7ab9, 0x917a, 0xfc91, 0xe6fc, 0x47e7, 0xbc47,
-	0x8fbb, 0xea8e, 0x34ea, 0x2635, 0x1726, 0x9616, 0xc196, 0xa6c1, 0xf3a6,
-	0x11f3, 0x4811, 0x3e48, 0xeb3e, 0xf7ea, 0x1bf8, 0xdb1c, 0x8adb, 0xe18a,
-	0x42e1, 0x9d42, 0x5d9c, 0x6e5d, 0x286e, 0x4928, 0x9a49, 0xb09c, 0xa6b0,
-	0x2a7,	0xe702, 0xf5e6, 0x9af5, 0xf9b,	0x810f, 0x8080, 0x180,	0x1702,
-	0x5117, 0xa650, 0x11a6, 0x1011, 0x550f, 0xd554, 0xbdd5, 0x6bbe, 0xc66b,
-	0xfc7,	0x5510, 0x5555, 0x7655, 0x177,	0x2b02, 0x6f2a, 0xb70,	0x9f0b,
-	0xcf9e, 0xf3cf, 0x3ff4, 0xcb40, 0x8ecb, 0x768e, 0x5277, 0x8652, 0x9186,
-	0x9991, 0x5099, 0xd350, 0x93d3, 0x6d94, 0xe6d,	0x530e, 0x3153, 0xa531,
-	0x64a5, 0x7964, 0x7c79, 0x467c, 0x1746, 0x3017, 0x3730, 0x538,	0x5,
-	0x1e00, 0x5b1e, 0x955a, 0xae95, 0x3eaf, 0xff3e, 0xf8ff, 0xb2f9, 0xa1b3,
-	0xb2a1, 0x5b2,	0xad05, 0x7cac, 0x2d7c, 0xd32c, 0x80d2, 0x7280, 0x8d72,
-	0x1b8e, 0x831b, 0xac82, 0xfdac, 0xa7fd, 0x15a8, 0xd614, 0xe0d5, 0x7be0,
-	0xb37b, 0x61b3, 0x9661, 0x9d95, 0xc79d, 0x83c7, 0xd883, 0xead7, 0xceb,
-	0xf60c, 0xa9f5, 0x19a9, 0xa019, 0x8f9f, 0xd48f, 0x3ad5, 0x853a, 0x985,
-	0x5309, 0x6f52, 0x1370, 0x6e13, 0xa96d, 0x98a9, 0x5198, 0x9f51, 0xb69f,
-	0xa1b6, 0x2ea1, 0x672e, 0x2067, 0x6520, 0xaf65, 0x6eaf, 0x7e6f, 0xee7e,
-	0x17ef, 0xa917, 0xcea8, 0x9ace, 0xff99, 0x5dff, 0xdf5d, 0x38df, 0xa39,
-	0x1c0b, 0xe01b, 0x46e0, 0xcb46, 0x90cb, 0xba90, 0x4bb,	0x9104, 0x9d90,
-	0xc89c, 0xf6c8, 0x6cf6, 0x886c, 0x1789, 0xbd17, 0x70bc, 0x7e71, 0x17e,
-	0x1f01, 0xa01f, 0xbaa0, 0x14bb, 0xfc14, 0x7afb, 0xa07a, 0x3da0, 0xbf3d,
-	0x48bf, 0x8c48, 0x968b, 0x9d96, 0xfd9d, 0x96fd, 0x9796, 0x6b97, 0xd16b,
-	0xf4d1, 0x3bf4, 0x253c, 0x9125, 0x6691, 0xc166, 0x34c1, 0x5735, 0x1a57,
-	0xdc19, 0x77db, 0x8577, 0x4a85, 0x824a, 0x9182, 0x7f91, 0xfd7f, 0xb4c3,
-	0xb5b4, 0xb3b5, 0x7eb3, 0x617e, 0x4e61, 0xa4f,	0x530a, 0x3f52, 0xa33e,
-	0x34a3, 0x9234, 0xf091, 0xf4f0, 0x1bf5, 0x311b, 0x9631, 0x6a96, 0x386b,
-	0x1d39, 0xe91d, 0xe8e9, 0x69e8, 0x426a, 0xee42, 0x89ee, 0x368a, 0x2837,
-	0x7428, 0x5974, 0x6159, 0x1d62, 0x7b1d, 0xf77a, 0x7bf7, 0x6b7c, 0x696c,
-	0xf969, 0x4cf9, 0x714c, 0x4e71, 0x6b4e, 0x256c, 0x6e25, 0xe96d, 0x94e9,
-	0x8f94, 0x3e8f, 0x343e, 0x4634, 0xb646, 0x97b5, 0x8997, 0xe8a,	0x900e,
-	0x8090, 0xfd80, 0xa0fd, 0x16a1, 0xf416, 0xebf4, 0x95ec, 0x1196, 0x8911,
-	0x3d89, 0xda3c, 0x9fd9, 0xd79f, 0x4bd7, 0x214c, 0x3021, 0x4f30, 0x994e,
-	0x5c99, 0x6f5d, 0x326f, 0xab31, 0x6aab, 0xe969, 0x90e9, 0x1190, 0xff10,
-	0xa2fe, 0xe0a2, 0x66e1, 0x4067, 0x9e3f, 0x2d9e, 0x712d, 0x8170, 0xd180,
-	0xffd1, 0x25ff, 0x3826, 0x2538, 0x5f24, 0xc45e, 0x1cc4, 0xdf1c, 0x93df,
-	0xc793, 0x80c7, 0x2380, 0xd223, 0x7ed2, 0xfc7e, 0x22fd, 0x7422, 0x1474,
-	0xb714, 0x7db6, 0x857d, 0xa85,	0xa60a, 0x88a6, 0x4289, 0x7842, 0xc278,
-	0xf7c2, 0xcdf7, 0x84cd, 0xae84, 0x8cae, 0xb98c, 0x1aba, 0x4d1a, 0x884c,
-	0x4688, 0xcc46, 0xd8cb, 0x2bd9, 0xbe2b, 0xa2be, 0x72a2, 0xf772, 0xd2f6,
-	0x75d2, 0xc075, 0xa3c0, 0x63a3, 0xae63, 0x8fae, 0x2a90, 0x5f2a, 0xef5f,
-	0x5cef, 0xa05c, 0x89a0, 0x5e89, 0x6b5e, 0x736b, 0x773,	0x9d07, 0xe99c,
-	0x27ea, 0x2028, 0xc20,	0x980b, 0x4797, 0x2848, 0x9828, 0xc197, 0x48c2,
-	0x2449, 0x7024, 0x570,	0x3e05, 0xd3e,	0xf60c, 0xbbf5, 0x69bb, 0x3f6a,
-	0x740,	0xf006, 0xe0ef, 0xbbe0, 0xadbb, 0x56ad, 0xcf56, 0xbfce, 0xa9bf,
-	0x205b, 0x6920, 0xae69, 0x50ae, 0x2050, 0xf01f, 0x27f0, 0x9427, 0x8993,
-	0x8689, 0x4087, 0x6e40, 0xb16e, 0xa1b1, 0xe8a1, 0x87e8, 0x6f88, 0xfe6f,
-	0x4cfe, 0xe94d, 0xd5e9, 0x47d6, 0x3148, 0x5f31, 0xc35f, 0x13c4, 0xa413,
-	0x5a5,	0x2405, 0xc223, 0x66c2, 0x3667, 0x5e37, 0x5f5e, 0x2f5f, 0x8c2f,
-	0xe48c, 0xd0e4, 0x4d1,	0xd104, 0xe4d0, 0xcee4, 0xfcf,	0x480f, 0xa447,
-	0x5ea4, 0xff5e, 0xbefe, 0x8dbe, 0x1d8e, 0x411d, 0x1841, 0x6918, 0x5469,
-	0x1155, 0xc611, 0xaac6, 0x37ab, 0x2f37, 0xca2e, 0x87ca, 0xbd87, 0xabbd,
-	0xb3ab, 0xcb4,	0xce0c, 0xfccd, 0xa5fd, 0x72a5, 0xf072, 0x83f0, 0xfe83,
-	0x97fd, 0xc997, 0xb0c9, 0xadb0, 0xe6ac, 0x88e6, 0x1088, 0xbe10, 0x16be,
-	0xa916, 0xa3a8, 0x46a3, 0x5447, 0xe953, 0x84e8, 0x2085, 0xa11f, 0xfa1,
-	0xdd0f, 0xbedc, 0x5abe, 0x805a, 0xc97f, 0x6dc9, 0x826d, 0x4a82, 0x934a,
-	0x5293, 0xd852, 0xd3d8, 0xadd3, 0xf4ad, 0xf3f4, 0xfcf3, 0xfefc, 0xcafe,
-	0xb7ca, 0x3cb8, 0xa13c, 0x18a1, 0x1418, 0xea13, 0x91ea, 0xf891, 0x53f8,
-	0xa254, 0xe9a2, 0x87ea, 0x4188, 0x1c41, 0xdc1b, 0xf5db, 0xcaf5, 0x45ca,
-	0x6d45, 0x396d, 0xde39, 0x90dd, 0x1e91, 0x1e,	0x7b00, 0x6a7b, 0xa46a,
-	0xc9a3, 0x9bc9, 0x389b, 0x1139, 0x5211, 0x1f52, 0xeb1f, 0xabeb, 0x48ab,
-	0x9348, 0xb392, 0x17b3, 0x1618, 0x5b16, 0x175b, 0xdc17, 0xdedb, 0x1cdf,
-	0xeb1c, 0xd1ea, 0x4ad2, 0xd4b,	0xc20c, 0x24c2, 0x7b25, 0x137b, 0x8b13,
-	0x618b, 0xa061, 0xff9f, 0xfffe, 0x72ff, 0xf572, 0xe2f5, 0xcfe2, 0xd2cf,
-	0x75d3, 0x6a76, 0xc469, 0x1ec4, 0xfc1d, 0x59fb, 0x455a, 0x7a45, 0xa479,
-	0xb7a4
+	0xda83, 0xc22a, 0x1162, 0xba49, 0xaf14, 0x4530, 0x4093, 0xb09c, 0xb4c3,
+	0x205b, 0xdf2c, 0x034e, 0x5285, 0xfb6c, 0xf037, 0x8653, 0x81b6, 0xf1bf,
+	0xf5e6, 0x617e, 0x2050, 0x6a91, 0x7187, 0x1a6f, 0x0f3a, 0xa555, 0xa0b8,
+	0x10c2, 0x14e9, 0x8080, 0x3f52, 0x8993, 0x4a70, 0x816d, 0x7638, 0x0c54,
+	0x07b7, 0x77c0, 0x7be7, 0xe77e, 0xa650, 0xf091, 0xb16e, 0x8ac5, 0x5afb,
+	0xf116, 0xec79, 0x5c83, 0x60aa, 0xcc41, 0x8b13, 0xd554, 0x9631, 0x6f88,
+	0x5c54, 0x6aac, 0x660f, 0xd618, 0xda3f, 0x45d7, 0x04a9, 0x4eea, 0x0fc7,
+	0xe91d, 0xd5e9, 0xab06, 0x7e68, 0xee71, 0xf298, 0x5e30, 0x1d02, 0x6743,
+	0x2820, 0x0177, 0xee42, 0xc35f, 0x733c, 0x9f3a, 0xa361, 0x0ef9, 0xcdca,
+	0x180c, 0xd8e8, 0xb23f, 0x9f0b, 0x7428, 0x2405, 0x071f, 0xfa79, 0x6611,
+	0x24e3, 0x6f24, 0x3001, 0x0958, 0xf623, 0xcb40, 0x7b1d, 0x5e37, 0xd957,
+	0x7146, 0x3018, 0x7a59, 0x3b36, 0x148d, 0x0159, 0xd675, 0x8652, 0x696c,
+	0xe48c, 0x7aec, 0x99fc, 0xe43d, 0xa51a, 0x7e71, 0x6b3d, 0x405a, 0xf036,
+	0xd350, 0x4e71, 0xe4d0, 0x9faa, 0xe8da, 0xa9b7, 0x830e, 0x6fda, 0x44f7,
+	0xf4d3, 0xd7ed, 0x530e, 0xe96d, 0xa447, 0xfdc7, 0x39ae, 0x1305, 0xffd0,
+	0xd4ed, 0x84ca, 0x67e4, 0xe304, 0x7964, 0x343e, 0x8dbe, 0x6d3f, 0x0ede,
+	0xfba9, 0xd0c6, 0x80a3, 0x63bd, 0xdedd, 0x753d, 0x3017, 0x8997, 0x6918,
+	0x165e, 0x9012, 0x652f, 0x150c, 0xf825, 0x7346, 0x09a6, 0xc47f, 0x1e00,
+	0xfd80, 0xaac6, 0x469c, 0xa65d, 0x563a, 0x3954, 0xb474, 0x4ad4, 0x05ae,
+	0x5f2e, 0x3eaf, 0xebf4, 0x87ca, 0x56f5, 0x0bf9, 0xef12, 0x6a33, 0x0093,
+	0xbb6c, 0x14ed, 0xf46d, 0xa1b3, 0x3d89, 0x0cb4, 0x3382, 0x2e36, 0xa956,
+	0x3fb6, 0xfa8f, 0x5410, 0x3391, 0xe0d6, 0x7cac, 0x4bd7, 0x72a5, 0x7154,
+	0xcfff, 0x665f, 0x2139, 0x7ab9, 0x5a3a, 0x0780, 0xa355, 0x7280, 0x994e,
+	0x97fd, 0xd378, 0x7993, 0x346d, 0x8ded, 0x6d6e, 0x1ab4, 0xb689, 0x85b4,
+	0xac82, 0xab31, 0xe6ac, 0xebda, 0x5f50, 0xb8d0, 0x9851, 0x4597, 0xe16c,
+	0xb097, 0xd765, 0xd614, 0x1190, 0x16be, 0x0424, 0x08f4, 0xe874, 0x95ba,
+	0x3190, 0x00bb, 0x2789, 0x2638, 0x61b3, 0x66e1, 0x5447, 0x8439, 0x055b,
+	0xb2a0, 0x4e76, 0x1da1, 0x446f, 0x431e, 0x7e99, 0x83c7, 0x712d, 0xa11f,
+	0xd5de, 0x3780, 0xd355, 0xa280, 0xc94e, 0xc7fd, 0x0379, 0x08a7, 0xf60c,
+	0x25ff, 0x5abe, 0x18cd, 0x3cf6, 0x0c21, 0x32ef, 0x319e, 0x6d19, 0x7247,
+	0x5fad, 0x8f9f, 0xc45e, 0x826d, 0x932c, 0x5147, 0x7815, 0x76c4, 0xb23f,
+	0xb76d, 0xa4d3, 0xd4c5, 0x0985, 0xc793, 0xd852, 0x4d75, 0x1e95, 0x1d44,
+	0x58bf, 0x5ded, 0x4b53, 0x7b45, 0xb004, 0x6e13, 0x7ed2, 0xf3f4, 0x974b,
+	0x3dc3, 0x793e, 0x7e6c, 0x6bd2, 0x9bc4, 0xd083, 0x8e92, 0x9f51, 0x1474,
+	0xb7ca, 0xc15d, 0xcbf8, 0xd126, 0xbe8c, 0xee7e, 0x233e, 0xe14c, 0xf20b,
+	0x672e, 0x0a85, 0x1418, 0xefcd, 0x3551, 0x22b7, 0x52a9, 0x8768, 0x4577,
+	0x5636, 0xcb58, 0x6eaf, 0x7842, 0x53f8, 0x10b3, 0x538c, 0x837e, 0xb83d,
+	0x764c, 0x870b, 0xfc2d, 0x9f84, 0xa917, 0x84cd, 0x4188, 0xf1c3, 0x5cb0,
+	0x916f, 0x4f7e, 0x603d, 0xd55f, 0x78b6, 0x8249, 0x5dff, 0x1aba, 0xcaf5,
+	0xdce8, 0x92c0, 0x50cf, 0x618e, 0xd6b0, 0x7a07, 0x839a, 0x5f50, 0x1c0b,
+	0xcc46, 0xde39, 0xb67b, 0x1554, 0x2613, 0x9b35, 0x3e8c, 0x481f, 0x23d5,
+	0xe08f, 0x90cb, 0xa2be, 0x7b00, 0xa0f7, 0x20e5, 0x9607, 0x395e, 0x42f1,
+	0x1ea7, 0xdb61, 0x8b9d, 0x9d90, 0x75d2, 0x9bc9, 0x0cb8, 0xa8a1, 0x4bf8,
+	0x558b, 0x3141, 0xedfb, 0x9e37, 0xb02a, 0x886c, 0xae63, 0x1f52, 0xc33a,
+	0x1c06, 0x2599, 0x014f, 0xbe09, 0x6e45, 0x8038, 0x587a, 0x7e71, 0xef5f,
+	0x9348, 0x8fd5, 0xf0d9, 0xcc8f, 0x894a, 0x3986, 0x4b79, 0x23bb, 0x49b2,
+	0xbaa0, 0x5e89, 0x5b16, 0xdaed, 0x0e81, 0xcb3b, 0x7b77, 0x8d6a, 0x65ac,
+	0x8ba3, 0xfc91, 0xa07a, 0x9d07, 0x1cdf, 0x1e0a, 0xba7c, 0x6ab8, 0x7cab,
+	0x54ed, 0x7ae4, 0xebd2, 0x8fbb, 0x8c48, 0x0c20, 0x0d4b, 0x889d, 0xf595,
+	0x0789, 0xdfca, 0x05c2, 0x76b0, 0x1a99, 0x1726, 0x96fd, 0x9828, 0x137b,
+	0xa2f6, 0x6432, 0x3c74, 0x626b, 0xd359, 0x7742, 0x73cf, 0xf3a6, 0xf4d1,
+	0x7024, 0xff9f, 0xec88, 0x32e1, 0x58d8, 0xc9c6, 0x6daf, 0x6a3c, 0xea13,
+	0xeb3e, 0x6691, 0xf60c, 0xe2f5, 0x462c, 0x7d22, 0xee10, 0x91f9, 0x8e86,
+	0x0e5e, 0x0f89, 0x8adb, 0x1a57, 0x0740, 0x6a76, 0x16b6, 0x3156, 0xd53e,
+	0xd1cb, 0x51a3, 0x52ce, 0xce20, 0x5d9c, 0x4a85, 0xadbb, 0x59fb, 0x67e0,
+	0x2503, 0x2190, 0xa167, 0xa292, 0x1de5, 0xad60, 0x9a49, 0xfd7f, 0xa9bf,
+	0xb7a4, 0xd378, 0x0f9d, 0x8f74, 0x909f, 0x0bf2, 0x9b6d, 0x8856, 0xeb8c,
+	0x97cc, 0xa5b1, 0xc185, 0x49ee, 0xb732, 0xb85d, 0x33b0, 0xc32b, 0xb014,
+	0x134b, 0xbf8a, 0xcd6f, 0xe943, 0x71ac, 0xd9e4, 0x9266, 0x0db9, 0x9d34,
+	0x8a1d, 0xed53, 0x9993, 0xa778, 0xc34c, 0x4bb5, 0xb3ed, 0x4e5a, 0x9cca,
+	0x2c46, 0x192f, 0x7c65, 0x28a5, 0x368a, 0x525e, 0xdac6, 0x42ff, 0xdd6b,
+	0x714b, 0x885d, 0x7546, 0xd87c, 0x84bc, 0x92a1, 0xae75, 0x36de, 0x9f16,
+	0x3983, 0xcd62, 0x207d, 0x78b9, 0xdbef, 0x882f, 0x9614, 0xb1e8, 0x3a51,
+	0xa289, 0x3cf6, 0xd0d5, 0x23f0, 0x357c, 0x5c18, 0x0858, 0x163d, 0x3211,
+	0xba79, 0x22b2, 0xbd1e, 0x50fe, 0xa418, 0xb5a4, 0xc30d, 0x072d, 0x1512,
+	0x30e6, 0xb94e, 0x2187, 0xbbf3, 0x4fd3, 0xa2ed, 0xb479, 0xc1e2, 0x71a6,
+	0x99bf, 0xb593, 0x3dfc, 0xa634, 0x40a1, 0xd480, 0x279b, 0x3927, 0x4690,
+	0xf653, 0x23e6, 0x2618, 0xae80, 0x16b9, 0xb125, 0x4505, 0x981f, 0xa9ab,
+	0xb714, 0x66d8, 0x946a, 0xa5fe, 0xc197, 0x29d0, 0xc43c, 0x581c, 0xab36,
+	0xbcc2, 0xca2b, 0x79ef, 0xa781, 0xb915, 0xd950, 0xc699, 0x6106, 0xf4e5,
+	0x4800, 0x598c, 0x66f5, 0x16b9, 0x444b, 0x55df, 0x761a, 0xdd70, 0xb4c6,
+	0x48a6, 0x9bc0, 0xad4c, 0xbab5, 0x6a79, 0x980b, 0xa99f, 0xc9da, 0x3131,
+	0xcb00, 0x3ac1, 0x8ddb, 0x9f67, 0xacd0, 0x5c94, 0x8a26, 0x9bba, 0xbbf5,
+	0x234c, 0xbd1b, 0x92d9, 0x7207, 0x8393, 0x90fc, 0x40c0, 0x6e52, 0x7fe6,
+	0xa021, 0x0778, 0xa147, 0x7705, 0xcda4, 0xfb2a, 0x0894, 0xb857, 0xe5e9,
+	0xf77d, 0x17b9, 0x7f0f, 0x18df, 0xee9c, 0x453c, 0xaf9a, 0xa05b, 0x501f,
+	0x7db1, 0x8f45, 0xaf80, 0x16d7, 0xb0a6, 0x8664, 0xdd03, 0x4762, 0x54ce,
+	0xb5b2, 0xe344, 0xf4d8, 0x1514, 0x7c6a, 0x163a, 0xebf7, 0x4297, 0xacf5,
+	0xba61, 0x4bc4, 0x4f65, 0x60f9, 0x8134, 0xe88a, 0x825a, 0x5818, 0xaeb7,
+	0x1916, 0x2682, 0xb7e4, 0x2019, 0x0ddf, 0x2e1a, 0x9570, 0x2f40, 0x04fe,
+	0x5b9d, 0xc5fb, 0xd367, 0x64ca, 0xccfe, 0xea68, 0x1c8e, 0x83e4, 0x1db4,
+	0xf371, 0x4a11, 0xb46f, 0xc1db, 0x533e, 0xbb72, 0xd8dc, 0x246b, 0x767b,
+	0x104b, 0xe608, 0x3ca8, 0xa706, 0xb472, 0x45d5, 0xae09, 0xcb73, 0x1702,
+	0x0396,
 static u8 tmp_buf[TEST_BUFLEN];
@@ -579,14 +452,19 @@ static void test_ip_fast_csum(struct kunit *test)
 	__sum16 csum_result;
 	u16 expected;
-	for (int len = IPv4_MIN_WORDS; len < IPv4_MAX_WORDS; len++) {
-		for (int index = 0; index < NUM_IP_FAST_CSUM_TESTS; index++) {
-			csum_result = ip_fast_csum(random_buf + index, len);
-			expected =
-				expected_fast_csum[(len - IPv4_MIN_WORDS) *
-						   index];
+	for (int i = 0; i < num_tests; i++) {
+		memcpy(&tmp_buf[IP_ALIGNMENT],
+		       random_buf + (i * WORD_ALIGNMENT),
+		for (int len = IPv4_MIN_WORDS; len <= IPv4_MAX_WORDS; len++) {
+			int index = (len - IPv4_MIN_WORDS) +
+				 i * ((IPv4_MAX_WORDS - IPv4_MIN_WORDS) + 1);
+			expected = expected_fast_csum[index];
+			csum_result = ip_fast_csum(tmp_buf + IP_ALIGNMENT, len);
 			CHECK_EQ(to_sum16(expected), csum_result);
@@ -595,28 +473,35 @@ static void test_ip_fast_csum(struct kunit *test)
 static void test_csum_ipv6_magic(struct kunit *test)
 #if defined(CONFIG_NET)
-	const struct in6_addr *saddr;
-	const struct in6_addr *daddr;
+	struct csum_ipv6_magic_data {
+		const struct in6_addr saddr;
+		const struct in6_addr daddr;
+		__le16 len;
+		unsigned char pad[2];
+		__wsum csum;
+		unsigned char proto;
+		unsigned char pad2[3];
+	} *data;
 	unsigned int len;
-	unsigned char proto;
-	__wsum csum;
-	const int daddr_offset = sizeof(struct in6_addr);
-	const int len_offset = sizeof(struct in6_addr) + sizeof(struct in6_addr);
-	const int proto_offset = sizeof(struct in6_addr) + sizeof(struct in6_addr) +
-			     sizeof(int);
-	const int csum_offset = sizeof(struct in6_addr) + sizeof(struct in6_addr) +
-			    sizeof(int) + sizeof(char);
-	for (int i = 0; i < NUM_IPv6_TESTS; i++) {
-		saddr = (const struct in6_addr *)(random_buf + i);
-		daddr = (const struct in6_addr *)(random_buf + i +
-						  daddr_offset);
-		len = le32_to_cpu(*(__le32 *)(random_buf + i + len_offset));
-		proto = *(random_buf + i + proto_offset);
-		csum = *(__wsum *)(random_buf + i + csum_offset);
+	__sum16 csum_result;
+	int ipv6_num_tests = ((MAX_LEN - sizeof(struct csum_ipv6_magic_data)) / WORD_ALIGNMENT);
+	/*
+	 * Alignment of struct is used to collect deterministic values from
+	 * random_buf.
+	 */
+	BUILD_BUG_ON_MSG(sizeof(struct csum_ipv6_magic_data) != 44,
+			 "Size of struct csum_ipv6_magic_data must be 44 bytes.");
+	for (int i = 0; i < ipv6_num_tests; i++) {
+		int index = i * WORD_ALIGNMENT;
+		data = (struct csum_ipv6_magic_data *)(random_buf + index);
+		len = le16_to_cpu(data->len);
+		csum_result = csum_ipv6_magic(&data->saddr, &data->daddr, len,
+					      data->proto, data->csum);
-			 csum_ipv6_magic(saddr, daddr, len, proto, csum));
+			 csum_result);
 #endif /* !CONFIG_NET */

base-commit: 27345f2bb9eb800480cbe644026038e96c4d4b67
change-id: 20240119-fix_sparse_errors_checksum_tests-26b86b34d784
- Charlie

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