Re: [PATCH 31/45] tty: vt: use VESA blanking constants

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Am 18.01.24 um 09:32 schrieb Jiri Slaby:
On 18. 01. 24, 9:30, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
Am 18.01.24 um 08:57 schrieb Jiri Slaby (SUSE):
There are VESA blanking constants defined in console.h already. So use
them in the console code instead of constant values.

These constants also exist in include/uapi/linux/fb.h. It would be nice to find a common header where they can be shared.


see 32/45.

I actually don't know how to fix that nicely while keeping uapi happy.

Is it hard to get a new UAPI header accepted (honest question)? There are a few things I'd like to split off from fbdev. But that would require UAPI headers.

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