Re: 64-bit userspace root file system for hppa64

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On 12/9/23 23:57, Guenter Roeck wrote:
On 12/9/23 13:58, Helge Deller wrote:
On 12/9/23 19:56, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
The command line I used for testing hppa is below:

./qemu-system-hppa \
     -kernel vmlinux-parisc \
     -no-reboot \
     -snapshot \
     -device am53c974,id=scsi \
     -device scsi-hd,bus=scsi.0,drive=d0 \
     -drive file=rootfs.ext2-parisc,format=raw,if=none,id=d0 \
     -append "panic=-1 slub_debug=FZPUA root=/dev/sda console=ttyS0,115200" \
     -nographic -monitor null

If I limit the disc transfer size of am53c974 to just 4K per transaction
(like the patch below against Linux kernel 6.6.4), then qemu-hppa
boots up nicely with qemu git head (and Günther's patches applied).

A diff of the qemu traces shows, that at some stage
esp_transfer_data transfer() is called for 4k/transaction,
but is not started for 12k/transaction...

Full traces are here:

verify with:
 diff -u OK FAIL  | vi -
and go to line 2496:

-STC: 1000    hi/mid/lo: 00/10/00
+STC: 3000    hi/mid/lo: 00/30/00
 esp_dma_enable Raise enable
-esp_handle_ti Transfer Information len 4096
+esp_handle_ti Transfer Information len 12288
 esp_raise_irq Raise IRQ
 esp_lower_drq Lower DREQ
-esp_transfer_data transfer 0/4096       <<<<<<<<<<< this seems missing for 12k
 esp_pci_dma_read reg[5]: 0x00000010
 esp_mem_readb reg[4]: 0x91
 esp_mem_readb reg[6]: 0x04
@@ -8081,21 +7111,22 @@


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